Walmart worker DID NOT want to sell this for $.03! (2023)


I went to 10 different Walmarts on a quest for hidden clearance video games! I was looking for the fabled 3-cent games and marked-down 3DS games and boy did I hit the jackpot!

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Foreign so she just went back to check with her manager because I think she's, pretty intent on not selling me these games for three cents how's it going folks.

So as you can probably see I'm here in Walmart today, looking for deals on hidden clearance.

Video games, Walmart recently has been marking down a ton of games to between like three cents and ten dollars.

And today I'm on a mission to find some of them I'm gonna be going to a ton of Walmarts between Tennessee and Kentucky and we're gonna see what we can find in it.

This one I can already see something that I think has some potential it's.

These Minecraft games down here recently, Walmart has been marking down almost all of their 3DS games to between five and ten dollars.

So that's, one of the biggest things that I'm on the hunt for today, I'm gonna get them to get these ones out of and scan them for me and see if I can snag them for between 5 and 10 because on Amazon right now they're going for 35 and ultimately that's.

The goal of all of this is to flip these games, online and make a profit.

Alright, check this out folks I found some more 3DS games here out on the cheap rack.

But unfortunately, as you can see, I scan them in my Walmart app to see what they're ringing up as and this Mario 3D Land.

And the Animal Crossing are both still at twenty dollars.

So it is confirmed, unfortunately that not all 3DS games are marked down currently I, still am going to get them to open this case up and show me what uh.

The price is ringing up in there, but I'm a little bit less hopeful.

Would you be able to help me with a game? In the case here? Thanks.

You don't know, what the price might be on that one? Do you? Okay, uh, I'll probably pass on that for now.

Thank you though so 30 bucks on those too rich for my blood, but I have a really good feeling about this.

Next stop.

Now you might be asking Caleb.

How do you know? How do you have a good feeling about this next spot? And the answer is I use a program called brickseek, which lets me input links to certain games and it'll pop up with nearby locations within a certain radius that are in stock with that game.

And also tell me what price they are.

The downside is it's, not always accurate.

So I'm gonna head into this one and see if it does indeed have the 3DS games that I thought it did at the price that it said, oh, yeah, folks they do indeed have it.

This is the game that I was talking about.

These are ten dollars a piece here when I scan it on the app for some reason, the price isn't actually coming up, but when I scanned this Super Mario Land, it was 9.98 indeed.

And this I didn't even find, uh, when I was using brickseek, so that's, definitely really exciting.

And this right here is, uh, the Amazon seller app which I use to check what I can sell it for.

And you can see a new condition, it's selling for 25.90 after fees, 17.71 so I'll make in the neighborhood of seven dollars for each one of these games that I buy and I also saw in the case over here, A whole mess of Animal, Crossing games as well.

So I'll be picking those up too.

And this stop so far is shaking out to be very profitable.

I'm gonna go ahead and take a look around at all the other games, make sure I'm not missing any other ones, uh and then head to checkout.

Well, folks coming away with a solid 21 game haul from that.

First stop definitely thrilled about that I, honestly, don't know, if we'll really be able to top that in future stops because that's just a really solid score, especially second stop of the day.

Now, some of you may be wondering, Caleb, how do you know which games it is to look for in the first place? And the first way is the longer way, but also the cheapest way that is to just go to a Walmart, go actually more likely go to a lot of Walmarts and just scan everything.

Look it up in Walmart.

Look it up on your Amazon or Ebay seller app and just determine that way.

And you can also use brickseek as well, there's a free version of brickseek that also can be helpful to just determine what exactly is being marked down.

Now, I, personally thought that that's just a lot of work and a lot of hassle.


So what I did was I created a Discord server specifically for this purpose, where people can share games that they are finding and I share all all of the games that I'm finding along with links for people to see if they're available in their area.

It is a paid monthly service.

The link to that is down below in the description, just little Shameless plug there.

And there are a good number of people in the Discord who uh throughout the course of 2021 have made, uh, hundreds of dollars on Walmart clearance, leads alone.

Because if you can get on them when they go live, pretty close to the front end of those sales, you can have Halls like this and make a decent amount of money.

So let's, go ahead and get to our next stop and see if we can continue to do just that all right Walmart.

Number three, folks, this one brickseek said, uh, limited quantity on a few of the games that I'm actually looking for, which is totally a toss-up that could be here.

They could not be here, but let's find out all right.

Folks, big news at this stop.

Not only do they have a couple of unmarked clearance.

3Ds games, Luigi's Mansion and some more Animal Crossings.

You can see they're marked at twenty dollars, but I'm, pretty sure they'll ring up for 10.

But check this out I scanned.

This leighton's mystery Journey over here marked at 32., and we have our first hidden clearance.

Three cent game.

Let's go people I'm really interested to see if they're going to let me buy this, but uh, we're gonna find out together.

Yeah and this awesome.

Thank you.





Come here.

Come here, I can't do it is there no way we can put it back or no can't, tell it.

It says, I, don't, I'm, not sellable.

Okay, you have it.

But so I.


Do this one? Nope? All right? Okay? In fact, claims, yeah, all righty.

Well is what it is? I guess, unfortunately she said that, uh, the system was not allowing her to process.

The three cent game, which is definitely a bummer I was looking forward to potentially buying that.

But you know when that happens, there's really nothing to do other than you know, just be polite, and you know, take what you are able to get.

And in this case, we were able to snag some 10 games.

So you know, I'll take that.

Well folks, of course, I forgot to bring my camera in to stop number four here, um, but I was able to come away with one two, three, seven, uh, solid, new 3DS games as well and I actually had a couple new gems to show you guys.

These were the ones that weren't on sale at the first stop.

But they were on sale at this one, uh, again, 9.98 for each of these.

And these are the best ones we've found so far they will sell for 35 before fees on Amazon.

So I'll end up making, uh, netting around 15 profit, a piece on these definitely going to be looking for more of those at Future stops if I can get them.

And you can see we definitely are starting to, uh pile up the game's in the trunk here.

So that's, definitely what we like to see as I get all these games, bagged up so they're, not rolling around in my trunk.

Back here, I feel like I should say that holes like this are not completely standard I would say in the course of 2021.

There have been maybe like three waves of really solid Walmart clearance.

This is not happening all the time.

So that's, again, why I say it really pays to be sort of on the front end of when all this stuff is happening.


Granted when this video drops it'll, probably be about like four or five weeks after I have filmed it because I've got so many videos scheduled out in advance.

So by the time you're seeing this I wouldn't, necessarily recommend going out for yourselves and looking for these exact games, but all the methods will still apply all right coming up on Walmart number five here, I have it on very good authority that this one has multiple three cent games.

So we're gonna head in and see if we'll actually get give them to us and actually whether or not they're actually there.

Well, I've got some bad news.

Folks, unfortunately, not only am I not finding any of the 3DS games here.

But I'm also not finding any of the three cent games that I was seeing on brickseek, which is part of the reason I said, brickseek is sometimes inaccurate I'll, give you guys a little look at what I'm looking at.

So, for example, my heroes won Justice here.

If you guys can see that listed right now at three cents, but it's nowhere to be found in the PlayStation 4 section, both in the cabinets or also for some reason at this location, they don't even have these ones these like more clearance titles in hard cases, but it's not over here.

Either I looked all around the electronics section I can't find like a dump bin or I, even looked behind the counter to see if they had removed them already couldn't, see them there.

So that's, definitely unfortunate I wouldn't be surprised.

If what happened was somebody has already removed all the three cent games from the sale floor.

They just aren't out of the system yet and that's.

Why they're still showing up in brickseek.

But if that's actually the case they probably wouldn't have been able to sell them to me anyway.

But anyways, folks we're gonna get to the next one because there's clearly not much to be done here.

Well, folks, PSA, if anybody is looking for FIFA 17 for the PS3 for 23.

This Walmart has it.

It looks like they also have some 3DS games down here.

That's great to see, we got Mario, 3D Land and also some animal crossings.


Interesting thing I noticed is that these ones actually are marked they're.

The first marked ones that we have seen that actually are the correct price of 9.88.

So we're gonna go ahead and pick these up alrighty so coming away with a pretty solid nine game haul from stop number seven here, feeling good about that.

One thing that I did want to say is that when you are buying games in new condition, especially when you're buying them from a large, big box retailer, like Walmart, one thing that you're always going to have to look out for and be aware of is it's very likely that a whole lot of other sellers are going to come onto the listing at the exact same time as you are getting the inventory.

So what I will in reality probably do with all of these games is tuck them away in a closet, hold on to them for two or three months and hope that a lot of the other competition sells out in that time as Walmarts across the country are clearing out.

These exact same games.

And then once the market comes back up and hopefully stabilizes a little bit that's, probably when I will sell.

And when I believe the optimal time will be to sell these games are there speculators out there who say that in five to ten years, they'll be worth, you know, double or triple what they are now, yeah, but I'm at my core, not really a Speculator I'm, a reseller I'm, looking to take my money and flip it as quick as possible.

So that's, just a little bit of a glimpse into my timeline strategy when I'm making purchases like these all right, Walmart number eight or so I, believe let's see how we do.

Well, pretty slim selection and I'm, not seeing any titles that I've been looking for in the three cent section.

But we do have a couple of Mario makers down there, which I don't believe we bought yet so I'll, see, uh, what those are scanning as yep sure enough 988 here and marked at 19.93.

So we'll, go ahead and pick those up.

Okay, hold up.

So it looks like we actually found a little marked clearance section here.

Unfortunately, most of these I did scan and they're, not really going for all that much I actually still need to scan these too I'm, not going for that much more than uh.

What they're marked as after fees, scribbon Lots, Showdown, you know, ten dollars for a brand new Switch game is never a bad deal.

I, just only be able to make like 12 or so after fees.

So gonna go ahead and leave those similar situations with like Saints, Row and Harry Potter collection.

This one I may go ahead and scan I'm, not actually sure about Just Dance, um, but I will we'll actually be picking up.

They've got a couple copies of Mushroom Men sealed for seven dollars, uh, definitely, not one that I see every day.

And it looks like the lowest copy on Amazon before fees is going for like 23.

So once they all sell that'll be at least a double up after fees.

So I'm gonna go ahead and pick these up as well.

So yeah, did end up coming coming out with a couple more games than I expected from that stop did pick up the two Super Mario makers on the 3DS as well as a couple copies of GI Joe operation, blackout because I think I'll be able to make about six bucks a piece on these after fees, which is just fine with me.

And then also did get the I did not really expect to be buying Wii games on this trip.

But nonetheless, three copies of Mushroom Men, the Spore Wars.

So hoping to double upper honestly, maybe a little bit more on these they're, just somewhat slow sellers, believe it or not all right? Walmart number nine today.

Folks, we do not mess around here at Phoenix resale.

We do not mess around all right.

So we do have a pretty decent number of 3DS games here.

And they are marked at 9.88.

I probably will go for the 3D Lands and the carts.

And the Zelda I probably am going to leave the Super Mario, Maker 3DS, just because the price right now on that is only 20 bucks and I, don't know, if I really want to gamble that it's going to go up from there, um so I'm probably going to leave those I know, I bought a couple of them.

So I will hold on to those for a while just to see, but I'm less confident in that than I am in the other ones.

So let's see if they will sell me all the copies that they have of those Mario Karts all right.


Stop number nine coming away with another solid, nine game haul feeling really good about that.

Actually the first time that we've picked up both, uh, Mario, Kart 7 and also Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D.

So I was definitely happy to add those to the pile and I think we will do one final Walmart to make an even 10 to finish this video out, alrighty folks 10th and final Walmart of the day any predictions any predictions.

My prediction is going to be a solid variety of ten dollar, 3DS games, I.

This is another one that's supposed to supposedly have some three cent games.

But there have been like three or four stops already today that haven't actually had those, and they were supposed to so I'm, not all that hopeful for those, but hopefully we'll close the night out strong, foreign folks.

So it looks like my intuition was right about the uh 3DS games, check out that selection, definitely going to be picking up a decent number of these, um.

And it looks like there's.

Also a Mario Luigi, Bowser, Bowser's, Inside, Story hanging out back there.

But the really interesting thing is, they have some of the titles that are supposed to be three cents.

So I'm, Gonna, Leave, the GoPro on as I try to scoop these up for the three cent price.

So for example, I know that that one sword art online is supposed to be ringing up as three cents I.

Think Street Fighter Champion is Captain Tsubasa right? There is these two don't actually have barcodes that we can scan outside the case.

But this one does so let's see how this one Rings up sure enough three cents all right let's, see if they'll actually sell it to us? I think it was this one right here, the uh, blue, one, there three stamps all right, awesome.

Sweet, yeah, I'll, go ahead and what's that.

Well, I guess we can try it right? Uh that one right there, yeah, and if I could get both of those that'd be great, I mean, well, I guess may as well, try right to check it for you.

Okay? Well I won't get my hopes up.

So this one should be Captain.

Tsubasa, yeah, okay and that's.




Would you mind telling me what the price is on this guy as well? Fifteen, hmm, okay, I'll probably pass on that for now I think that should probably do it for me.

So she just went back to check with her manager because I think she's, pretty intent on not selling me these games for three cents.

Unfortunately, but luckily, we did get a solid stack here, uh, that will come away with either way.

So we'll see what happens all right? That's.

Great news all righty, well, that's, the best luck I've had all day.

You can't go for three cents, even if they're marked three cents, no, they were I.

Think those were all 10.

Oh man.

Folks we did it tenth stop of the day a 26 game haul.

And we finally finally struck on some actual three cent games that she sold to me against probably her better judgment.

I, don't know, her manager must have just been like, hey, if the system brings it up for three cents, you gotta give it to him for three cents.

So uh anyway, got a couple new titles in here as well that I wanted to share with you guys, uh once I'm back at the car.

All right folks here is the poorly lit haul from the stop.

We've got a couple more Ocarina of times.

We've got more Luigi's, mansions, Animal, Crossings, Mario, 3D, Lands, uh, Mario and Luigi, Bowser's, Inside, Story, which we have not picked up before decent fine there, a couple more zeldas, some Super Smash Bros on the 3DS, uh.

These were actually some of the best finds of the day so far they're going for like 35 or so uh before Feast.

So I was really happy to pick those three up for 10 bucks, uh, also, Super, Mario, Bros 2 here.

And then finally the gems.

The three cent games, Sword Art, Online, alicization like chorus, then Captain Tsubasa and Street, Fighter 5, super stoked to find those games.

Folks I gotta say it, if you have not yet smushed, the Subscribe and the like button, please do so for that killer last minute, Walmart find hope you guys have enjoyed this video as much as I have, uh, definitely feeling a little bit beat right now.

A little bit bushed after my uh, 10 stop day, but I could not be happier with the turnout folks as always thanks so much for watching.

And until next time, I will catch you on the flip.

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