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James Rickards is an Economist & Former Advisor To The Pentagon and CIA. He is also a former lawyer and investment banker turned economist and bestselling author and if there’s one thing you can guarantee with Jim, it’s that he’ll leave you with more answers than questions, and offer some rock-solid advice for protecting your wealth.

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And then the nominee for the party becomes what they'll have to Rally around her, because they have no other choice.

It gets really messy, right? And then you throw RFK in there.

And then what the hell is going to happen.

I mean, that's quite a mix.

You got it right? All right? I promised we were going to get to this upcoming geopolitical Shockwave again, you're calling.

It The most significant development in international finance since 1971., uh, you have recorded a private video, uh that we're not going to post on social, but people can go watch it.

It also shows how anyone can position themselves to profit from this crisis is londonreal.tv forward, slash gym I mean, look, Jim, you're known for one of your most famous books, which is currency Wars and I know, you probably can't tell us everything that's going to come up, but maybe you can give us a few hints of what you see happening in the next couple months and I think it's, uh, it surrounds what's going on with some of these brics nations.

But please tell us.

Yeah, uh.

First of all the great thing about this from Brian is we don't have to guess the date.

We I can tell you the days August 22nd 2023 about about two months from where we are now, um it's, a brick, Summit, it's in Durban, South Africa.

The Crispers X bricks, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South, Africa so that's.

What the bricks are, um, and they have a rotating presidency.

So South Africa is the president.

The ramaphosa is the president of the brics this year and he's hosting.

This Summit in Durban, South Africa I have books have been around forever.

They've been meeting whatever who cares well, here's what's different number one.

This is a Leader's Summit, meaning, Xi, Jinping, Vladimir, Putin, uh, Lula de Silva, Prime, Minister, Modi and president Robin Foster are all going to be there in person a little twist on that just so I can drop a quick footnote.

The international court of justice has issued an arrest warrant, an international restaurant for Vladimir Putin.

So, uh and South Africa is a member of the international court of justice.

So will Putin be arrested when he steps off the plane and and Durban South, Africa, uh, I, doubt, it I'm sure they're going to work work that on advance, but um, but the president of South Africa has granted diplomatic immunity to all attendees of all brics conferences during their presidency of bricks.

Um I would have thought, Putin, High, diplomatic immunity anyway.

But um, this is a little drama in there, but I'm sure if they if they arrest Putin, there'll be consequences.

So, um, but that's, just this little side side show going on, but an important one, but anyway, they'll be there.

So leader Summits are different.

They have 190 books meetings a year.

I mean, this is a very mature organization at this point they'll do they have a Sports Committee.

They have a women's rights committee.

They have a human rights committee.

They have an immigration committee they're banking, finance and many many others.

So this is very active.

They've built, uh, see I I, studied this closely and wrote an article about it a long article and that's what's what's summarized in your in your uh in your video, um.

But they've been working on this since 2006, and they created the new development Bank, the NDB, well, it's an exact clone of the World Bank, except it's controlled by the bricks.

Then they created something called the contingency reserve asset, which is an exact clone of the IMF it's, a swing lender so you're, you know, you're in uh, running a bouncing payments deficit.

You got to run in the bank, a currency's under attack.

They can give you billions of dollars in loans to until you can make some policy changes and then kind of prop it up, but that's, what that's why the IMF was invented that's what this is.

So they've clowned the World Bank.

They've cloned the IMF.

They've got all these committees.

They've been meeting for 17 years at this point, uh and now they're ready to unveil again.

This will be the biggest shock in the international monetary system since 1971, when Richard Nixon suspended redemptions of dollars for gold among our Trading partners.

That was the shock, of course, but that's kind of magnitude we're, looking at what the bricks are going to do they're going to unveil a new currency.

Now, I've always poured cold water on again, the China the Chinese yuan is going to be the reserve currency.

And the Russian Ruble is going to be I've, always poured cold water on that I'm, absolutely not that's, not going to happen, but a new currency you're starting with a clean slate and there's something else going on, which is just at the beginning of June June, 2nd and 3rd.

There was another brics meeting.

This was in uh, Cape, Town against South, Africa they're.

The host.

These were the foreign ministers.

The surgery lab Ralph was there.

And and the other, the other Prime Ministers other bricks.

And what they were doing was looking at the wait list.

So bricks five countries, but they have a 17 country, wait list, including six other countries that have applied for membership.

They said let us in and um, sorry, 23 and total six have applied and 17 have expressed interest, um, well, who's in that group, turkey, Saudi, Arabia, Argentina Iran.

These are important countries, you know, like but they're, they're, they're, big economies, I just want to alert everyone to an important video that you've just recorded that will not be available to the public here.

You discuss the upcoming geopolitical shock wave of what you call the most significant development in international finance since 1971.

But then you explain how anyone can position themselves to profit from this crisis.

Our viewers can access that video at londonreal.tv forward, slash gym and I highly recommend that everyone go watch that immediately after our conversation, collectively we're, looking at, um more than 50 of global GDP about 40 percent of global population.

Um I think about 40 percent of the global land mat, land mass because you know, they got Russian China in there, too the five biggest countries in the world, um, two of the three biggest nuclear Powers, including the biggest nuclear power, which is Russia through Saudi Arabia in the mix.

You got two of the three biggest energy producer, Saudi, Arabia and Russia, Etc, um and the Indian econ.

The Indian population surpassing, the Chinese population as we speak 1.4 billion.

So, um, this is not some, you know, Rinky Dink group of the third world countries or whatever it's like, you know, Colombia and Syria, whatever, this is half the world or more in terms of population resources, military capacity, uh, land, mass, um and and wealth and and output.

So, but if you expand the list to all the other countries, I describe so now they're quite bricks plus, but this could be by the end of August, uh, they admit, these other members, it could be 11 countries.

And again, on its way to 20 or more they're going to unveil a new currency, Anonymous called I call it.

The brick bricks is a working title, but you know, maybe they'll take bancor, which is what John Mayer Keynes did in 1944., whatever they call it.

It doesn't matter, it's a new currency, but um, this will start to look like the European monetary Zone.

This will start to look like the Euro.

So you know, Germany and France and Italy they're all different countries, and they have different Bond marks, but they have the same currency.

So when you expand the group, the odds of that becomes a very successful, very liquid payment currency, go way up because no one's, depending on China or Russia and you're, depending on this infrastructure.

And it could be managed by this new development bank, I talked about, um and the other key thing.

And this is the key to the whole thing Brian it's going to be linked to gold now.


This is not a strict gold.

Standard I, don't want to overstate.

It I want to say if you had a brick, he could March into Fields Bank of China and demand, gold I'm, not saying that but I'm saying, the value linked to Gold.

The whole idea is to get out from under the dollar and I go back 10, 12 years I used to warn, you know, I was being in skips in in the uh in the Pentagon and the and uh, private meetings with the treasury and I.

Warned them all I said, sanctions work.

The dollar is powerful I, get it you're using it against Iran, but you're overusing.

It you're over applying it and you're gonna at some point people are gonna get out of the dollar system and say, how many times can you hit the punching bag before the punching bag walks away, hey, it's, Brian, Rose, founder of the D5 Academy I've told you my four-week, crypto boot.

Camp is amazing, but don't take my word for it.

This is what my students are saying, the D5 Academy was an amazing experience for me.

It took me taking out of my comfort zone in this course, I was challenged I was held accountable and pushed to do things that honestly weren't always easy phenomenal and I can't, believe, uh, we're already up on our four weeks.

It has flown by going through this defy accelerator by far was one of the best courses I've taken you do.

This course you really get into the nitty-gritty of the activities that will make you comfortable with decentralized Finance.

Thank you so much to Brian and everyone at London Rio and the D5 Academy for even putting together an amazing course like this.

Everybody else that wants to do it.

Please sign up.

It is well worth the money.

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