IT'S TIME TO GET HUNGRY! - Powerful Motivational Speech for Success - Dan Pena Savage Motivation (2023)


It's Time To Get Hungry! Dan Pena delivers a powerful motivational speech on getting over it and leaving your comfort zone for the last time.
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“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”
― Dan Peña

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Dan Pena

Dan Pena, also known as the 50 billion dollar and trillion dollar man, is an American businessman and multimillionaire. He is the founder of Quantum Leap Advantage Methodology and chairman of The Guthrie Group, an investment consortium. He is own for coaching hundreds of people who have since become multimillionaires.

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The people that do we read about the people that we admire the elon musks, the steve jobs, the warren, buffets, etc, all have one thing in common.

They have extremely high self-esteem the high performance people.

The one thing that they all have in common is they're hungry hungry for a better life hungry for change hungry for the tough love.

Their parents didn't, give them 87 percent of everybody that walks the face of the earth.

7.65 billion people are unhappy.

I didn't know, until I got grown up and was an adult that everybody didn't have self-esteem.

I didn't realize that everybody didn't have self-confidence.

I didn't realize that everybody didn't have self-worth growth.

Only comes through pain, no pain, no gain it's.

The same in life.

Tough love gets the job done it's bloody hard to be a high performance person.

Being a high performance person is a full-time job I'm like this 24 7 365.

And I've been like this for the better part of 50 years, I'm, always like this I'm always pushing the edge of the envelope, most people procrastinate because they're unsure so just do it.

But I I've never had a problem just doing it, because one of the things is you learn as young combat infantry.

Officer is time costs lives.

We over analyze because we're unsure we don't over analyze because we are not sure if it'll work or not we're more worried about on the emotional side, it's embarrassingness.

But being liked doesn't, get you a raise and you're working for uh, wherever you're working for efficiency accountability.

If you want a million you'll make a million not a million five, if you want 10 million 100 million and you'll, never exceed that you will never exceed your highest expectation.

You will never exceed your highest craziest thought, never that's a guarantee ted turner just gave his 75th anniversary party on cnn, a few months ago.

And he has he makes a couple of comments.

And he says, number one and I'm, not suggesting this for everybody it's, how I lived, though first 10 years of my starting cnn, I slept on my couch.

I didn't have an apartment.

Bill gates slept in the office.

Steve jobs slept in the office.

And I can go down a whole list.

Now, these are super successful.

Mega wealthy guys, I slept in my office, not everybody's willing to make that sacrifice, but it's, not the only thing.

But even if you don't sleep in your office, if you want to send your kids to a better school, if you want to be able to take your hair, your mother when she gets dementia, if you want to this all takes money when I my children aren't getting any of my money, when I die, not not one centavo, not one penny and uh, uh, two of my kids are cool with it.

One of them's, not so cool with it I'm.

Not gonna you know, I I think andrew carnegie by the way, andrew, carnegie, arguably the richest most successful entrepreneur of all time.

He said, the the best thing that you can have for a child is him to be born into poverty.

And I agree, of course, you've heard me say this before self-esteem has built the first seven or eight years of life and uh, unfortunately, we're with our parents, the first seven or eight years of life, uh ergo.

We don't have too much high self-esteem.

But to build high self-esteem and the way you build high self-esteem, if you're 25 35 or 45 is to, uh be around surround yourself with other people that have high self-esteem, uh, show me your friends and I'll show your future.

And so you can still you can reverse your childhood by who you associate with you're 22 years, old, you're, 32 you're, 41 years old and there's, a guy or a gal who's, 45 years old, who is where you want to be.

They've accomplished a lot of things if you're into uh, they're, saving the world they're using their money for good causes.

Go associate with those people be around those people and they're easy to find.

But you they're, not gonna knock on your door, they're, not gonna come to your apartment or your flat and ask you, oh, can I help you your parents probably told you? You can be anything you want.

But you can't that's horse.

You can't if it's all juxtaposed.

So, but what you tell them is that you can do anything you want that you have passion for because that eliminates most of the crap because most people don't follow their dream.

You know, like they say in the sound of music, you can't have a dream come true unless you have a dream.

Now I still dream.

I dream in technicolor.

I say, my affirmations and goals every single night and that's, why affirmations work so effectively, because your subconscious, doesn't know, you're full of.

And when you tell your subconscious a million times and then every success you have is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The world-class athletes, you know, 20 years.

They see themselves standing on the podium, getting a gold gold medal at the olympics.

They were able to do that, but you'll never exceed your most bodacious.

If if you say I've got mentees I'm going to go to the olympics, they went.

They didn't get a medal.

I've got a mentee that I'm going to go to the olympics and I'm going to I'm going to meddle medal.

What the that mean they get a bronze before I had any money.

I used to go to the rolls-royce dealers and sit in the cars and smell the leather touch.

The leather.

Okay, I went to million dollar houses and my wife, and I would walk through the house, and they'd say, what are your parents getting here? Kids, no, we are the buyers, uh, practice within when you're without practice being successful.

How many people listening to this today, practice being successful today, it's through affirmations through going to the rolls-royce dealer, maybe lamborghini, maybe something else in my particular case it was rolls royce.

And within a year meeks going to rolls-royce dealer, I had a rules.

Okay, within 19 months of me, dreaming.

And adding it to my goals of counseling on an island.

I own guthrie castle.

19 months.

Okay, go to stores.

You can't afford go hire lawyers.

You can't afford lawyers will meet with anybody accounts will meet with anybody go to the big four accountants with a business idea.

The first couple meetings are for free jettison, probably a lot of the people you hang around with if you have poor public speaking skills, join toastmasters do these.

If you go, if you went to a good school and you're, not successful go to the alumni deals.

Okay, I didn't go to a good school.

I'm, a perfect living example that a lot of trouble as a kid, um, working class background.

My parents, uh went to, uh, uh, just a mediocre university that I flunked out of three times before.

I finally, graduated with honors, but uh, and I had no money to begin with 820.

So it's all possible.



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