Full Money in the Bank 2023 highlights (2023)


Check out the highlights from Money in the Bank 2023 as the Men's and Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Matches wowed the WWE Universe, The Usos and Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa battled in the Bloodline Civil War, John Cena made a shocking return and more from London. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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It's, Fight, Night., >>, Introducing, first, representing the Brawling Brutes, Butch.

Next from Kyoto, Japan, weighing in at 220 pounds, Shinsuke, Nakamura.


The LWO, Santos Escobar., Representing, The, Judgment, Day, Damian, Priest., From, Las, Vegas, Nevada, Ricochet., And, making his way to the ring, from Los Angeles, California, weight.

240, pounds, LA.


>> This is the story.

>> Making his way to the ring from Colorado Beach, Puerto Rico, by way of Cleveland, Ohio, Logan, Paul.

>> Crown are loving this from the local man, himself., >> And.

That is a.

What is that, a club? >>, No, it's, a cricket bat, we're in England., >>, True., >>, It's about time.

An Englishman did something good with a cricket.


We're, getting whopped in the ashes right now, just down the road for me.

We are experiencing a seismic.


Every time.

La Knight gets in the ring.

>> My goodness.

You gotta be kidding.

Me., >>, [APPLAUSE], >>, Ricochet, just walked himself through the ladder out of the ring.

>> But, look, who's alone in the ring.

>> And.

Now, LA Knight has his chance, his opportunity and Logan Paul trying to run interference and play spoiler with a Russian leg sweep off.

The ladder.

[NOISE] >> Logan has been impressive here.


I'm, not sure what else we would expect, with a Frog Splash onto Priest, onto the ladder.

>> And that ladder did not give an inch.



Men prone, Butch is trying to choke on Escobar, I, think., >> But in the process.

He dragged his, no., >>, Ricochet., >>, [APPLAUSE], >>, From, the top of that huge ladder right in front of us.


Do it in the south and takes everybody out., >>, [APPLAUSE], >>, Mr., Money in the Bank.

[NOISE], >>, No, Ronda Rousey with the distraction.

And it allowed Shayna to take control.

>> And, a bullseye on that previously injured shoulder., [NOISE], >>, Tag, made, here's, Raquel.

>> This is a game changer in itself.

>> Raquel, Rodriguez.

The fresh woman with a clothesline taking out Ronda., >>, But, Raquel's partner is down and apparently out.

But Raquel is worth two on her own., >>, Fall, Away, Slam first to Shayna.

Now, the Power Slam to Ronda.

>>, One, two., >> Cover and a kick out of two.

Ronda with the left and right.

So now up to the top rope, and an arm bar now applied.

>> Referee trying to break them because they are on the ropes.

But Raquel might assist him with that.

>>, The, powerhouse., [NOISE], >>, What.

The hell? [NOISE] >> What is Shayna.

Baszler, doing?, [NOISE], >>, Shayna, Baszler lost her.

Damn mind., >>, Shayna, Baszler assaulted, her best friend, her partner, Ronda, Rousey., >>, Her, co-tag, champion, Ronda, Rousey., [NOISE], >>, Ladies and gentlemen.


Welcome the new Mr.

Money in the Bank, Damian, Priest., >>, Kayla, [FOREIGN], it's, Senor, Money in the Bank.

>> Senor Money in the Bank, congratulations.

And now that you have won this contract.

What are your plans?? >>, Ooh, there's, a lot to think about.

I, mean, I could cash in this contract and become the Intercontinental Champion.

Once again, become United States Champion, World, Heavyweight, Champion, Undisputed, WWE, Universal, Champion., I, like that one.


One thing that's for sure that I don't have to think about is that I will be in a [FOREIGN].

[LAUGH], >>, Ladies and gentlemen, I demand, all your gratitude for your Intercontinental Heavyweight, Champion., The, Ring, General, Gunther.

He is the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion.

This century.

Gunther began his career in the Electric Ballroom here in London.

He once battled Riddle on progress, a number of years, ago.

And here tonight at Money in the Bank, he defends against Riddle for the Intercontinental Championship., >>, [APPLAUSE], >>, Gunther, though, sweeps, the legs out of Riddle.

>> And.

Now, once again, targeting the already injured ankle of Riddle, and look at now trying to strip off that protective.


>> Gunther wants to punish and torture.

Riddle here, tonight.

>>, What, little protection that tape and bandage is offering just went up in smoke.

We, almost need a mercy decision here from the referee.

>> Gunther [INAUDIBLE].

He got caught.

Riddle going for a triangle.

Riddle caught Gunther in a triangle.

In, a triangle.

Now by Riddle, will Gunther tap out? Riddle's got it locked in pretty good, Wade.

What does Gunther gotta do to get out of this? >> Get to the ropes ASAP.

Or power, your way out., >>, And, that's.

What Gunther did.

>>, [APPLAUSE], >>, [APPLAUSE], >>, Claymore., >>, [APPLAUSE], [SOUND], >> The, following contest is scheduled for one fall., Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by the Women's World Champion, Rhea, Ripley, representing The Judgment, Day, Dominik, Mysterio., >>, [APPLAUSE], >>, And, his opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at 222 pounds, The, American, Nightmare, Cody, Rhodes., >>, And, Dominik again, going to slip and slide out of harm's way., >>, It's, okay, we're, just gonna have a little regroup with mami, talk, a little strategy, or perhaps just leave.

>>, Now Dominik's trying to escape through the fans here at the O2.

>> Well he's.

So popular, he's going out to meet his fan, base., >>, I, don't think anyone's ever asked for Dominik.

Mysterio's, autograph, like, ever., And Dom sent back into the ringside area., >>, [APPLAUSE], >>, And.

Now, Dominik looking for Three.


This is not paying homage to Eddie Guerrero.

This is disrespecting.

The late, great Eddie.


No, Eddie Guerrero is the man that Dominik wishes was his father.

>>, And, Cody, Rhodes- >>, [APPLAUSE], >> Going to make Dominik pay., >>, [APPLAUSE], >>, Nice, drop, kick by Dom.

>> Cody's.

Now in the second rope, he's in position for the move that Dominik's dad made famous, the 619.

And Cody will not allow it to connect.

He'll, intercept., >>, Didn't quite have the same snap that Rey Mysterio gives it, and Cody capitalized.

>> I'll, tell you what, Wade., >>, [APPLAUSE], >> That had some snap on it.

The Alabama Slam., >>, [APPLAUSE], >>, Surprise., >>, [APPLAUSE], >>, Can.

You believe this?, >>, [APPLAUSE], >>, This.

Audience, can't believe, it, Cole., >>, The, 16-time, World, Champion., >>, [APPLAUSE], >>, Even with Hollywood at your beck and call, John Cena cannot resist an atmosphere like we've got at the O2 Arena for Money in the Bank.

>> [APPLAUSE], >>, The, greatest of all time.

>> It's, not up to me, it's up to the decision.


>>, [APPLAUSE], >>, They, don't, necessarily know how to feel about London.

>>, [APPLAUSE], >>, Come, on, we're, not telling you guys anything you don't, know.

They think, this is kind of a hostile environment., >>, [APPLAUSE], >> They think that sometimes you guys are a distraction.

>>, [APPLAUSE], >> They, even think that you guys try to take over the show.

>>, [APPLAUSE], >>, You, see, that.

You see that?, They, don't know what they're talking about.

You are the voice.

You are the heartbeat.

You are not trying to take over the show.

You are the show.

>>, [APPLAUSE], >>, So, I'm, here., To, try to bring WrestleMania to London.


I struck a nerve on that one, didn't, I?, [NOISE], >>, I'm here, right, now, not for one more match.

I'm here because I know when they play those trumpets, people watch and people listen.

And, right? Now, I.

Wanna give something to an audience I love., I want to give them a chance to tell the world, to tell the people who make decisions what we already know.

Take, a moment, right? Now., Let them, see.

Let them feel.

Let them hear what WrestleMania is gonna sound like in London.

>> Never mind, the fact that it's supposed to be summer.


Last few days have been cold, rainy., I gotta wear a hoodie.


If WrestleMania is going overseas.

It needs to be somewhere beautiful.

Good, weather, nice, beaches.

Good, looking girls in bikinis.

I think if WrestleMania is gonna go international.

It needs to go somewhere like Australia., [NOISE], >>, That.

The best you got? I thought you guys had banner? [NOISE], >>, [INAUDIBLE] I can see it now., WrestleMania, Australia., Aussie, Aussie, Aussie., [NOISE], >>, Hey, hey, hey, nobody says, no to the Grayson Waller, effect., >>, Say, again?, >>, No, one says, no to the Grayson Waller, effect., >>, How, about, can I enjoy some time with my friends? And before you came out here, my friends and I were trying to let the world know that WrestleMania needs to come to London.

[NOISE], >> Waller from behind.


What was John saying about respect a little bit ago?, >>, You, don't, turn your back on a rat like Grayson, Waller., [NOISE], >>, Now, Waller, ambushing, Cena, [NOISE], >>, And, leaving Cena down.


Talk about a Buzkill, Grayson, Waller, Effect., >>, Introducing, first, representing the Judgment Day.

Bayley., >> Who will join him on the women's side? Bayley enters her second money in the bank ladder match.

She won back in 2019.


She cashed in on the same night to win the Women's Championship., >>, Absolutely., The, little array of sunshine.

That is Bayley.

And I would love nothing more Michael Cole than looking at your face.

When Bayley grabs the briefcase tonight.

Next, representing Damage Control, Iyo, Sky., Making her way to the ring, representing LWO Zelina, Vega., Next, Zoey, Stark., >>, The, protoje of Trish, Stratus., Zoey, Stark beat Natalia to qualify for her first Money in The Bank ladder.


[LAUGH], >>, I, don't care.

What y'all say.

>> Next, WWE, Hall of famer, Trish, Stratus., >>, And, their opponent, the man, Becky, Lynch., >>, You, know, for the fifth time in her career, Becky Lynch will enter the Money in The Bank contract ladder, match.


It is the one thing that she has not been able to win in what has been a stellar career.

Thus, far., And, Zoey, Stark waste a little time going after Becky, Lynch.

You saw Trish Stratus, directing traffic., >>, [INAUDIBLE], By, Selena, Vegas.

Bayley was trying to bring the ladder into the ring for the first time in this matchup as Zoey and Trish continue to try to take out Becky.


>> This is exactly what we talked about.

The advantage has to lie With Trish and Zoey.

[Noise], >>, Now, trapping, Zoey, Stark, disarmer in the ladder.

Trish Stratus.

Now sends Becky across the ring into the turnbuckle.

>> Face first.

And the gate is wide open for Trish Stratus to make some history.

>> Trish, trying to climb the ladder only in, but make it about halfway up before Bayley gets involved.

What does Iyo.

Do now? Iyo is nowhere near the briefcase.

>> Genius of the Sky just loves being able Cole, [NOISE], >>, [INAUDIBLE], Off, the ladder.

>> Saving, the day- >> [CROSSTALK], >> Becky drives her into the ring.

Post., [NOISE], >>, What.

The hell? >> No.

>> That is genius.

>> Zoey, Stark with handcuffs, completely legal., No, disqualification, count out, pinfalls and submissions in this Match.

>> Handcuff, the opposition.

And how can you fail? [NOISE] >>, And, Trish Stratus now pounding away on Becky, Lynch., >>, And, it's simply punishment for the Irish star., [NOISE], >> And now, Stark back into the fray.

Becky Lynch, they're gonna handcuff up Becky to the ring.

And now allow Becky to have any chance to win this.

[Noise], >>, You, can't fight.

The strategy, Cole.

>> Becky, trying to fight out Zoey was not able to hook the other end of the handcuff.

So Becky only had one wrist.

Handcuffed here, avoiding disaster for the moment.

[NOISE] >> Becky on the announced table, Trish from behind.

The brawl continuing.

>> Becky Lynch has lost her.

Damn mind.

That's, what's, happening, Cole., >>, My, goodness, Manhandle, slam into the ladder.

>>, Trish, Stratus, is- >>, Zoey with a running twisting neck breaker off the apron.

[NOISE] >> Look at Zelina and Zoey.

Go., [NOISE], >>, An old trick of Zelina Vega using the flip flop., >>, My, goodness, a Code, Red., A, Code, Red by Zelina, Vega.

[NOISE], >> IYO is there.

And now Bayley, Bayley, Bayley just cost her teammate Money in the Bank.

Bayley, just screwed IYO., >>, No, no, that was instinct from Bayley.

[NOISE], >> And.

Now, Becky.

[NOISE], >> What.

The hell is Becky doing?, >> She's using the handcuffs to fish hook, Bayley, and it's all legal.

>>, Sadistic, Becky, Lynch., That's.

What this is all about.

Bayley tried to screw her partner over.

And she paid for it.

Getting handcuffed as IYO climb the ladder to win the contract.

>> Here's.

My problem, my Tribal Chief.

Do you want your son sitting at his table? That's, his goal.

That's, what he's trying to take from you.

That, your son answers to him.

It's, your family.

You're, the Head of the Table.

>> Roman, clearly, irritated., >>, They're, singing stand up if you hate Roman., >> And now, Roman's gonna pout.

Bottom line is that's.

What you get when you treat people like rat.

>> Why are we here? >>, I, don't, know., >>, England's.

The worst, the dumbest place of all time, a bunch of idiots, they're, a bunch of idiots., [NOISE], >>, Tag, wait a minute, Jimmy Uso made a tag.

We didn't, see it, but Jimmy Uso made a tag.

Double Spear cover to take out the Tribal Chief, and Solo Sikoa saves.

The match.

[NOISE] >>, Super, Kick.

Another one., >> And Jimmy is gonna go up high., Can, Jimmy, Uso, pull off the impossible? Splash, Roman, Roman caught him in the Guillotine.

Roman caught him in the Guillotine.

>> Time to tap out, Jimmy., >> Back in Hell in a Cell, when Roman and Jey were going at it.

A, similar move help Roman Reigns that night.


It do it here tonight at Money in the Bank? Is Jimmy, gonna tap or pass out? >>, The, lightning fast reactions of the Tribal Chief may well have won the match here.

[NOISE], >> Jimmy, trying to somehow hang on.

Jimmy is still alive.

Jimmy, trying to power Roman Reigns, up., Roman, can't, believe, it., Jimmy, Uso's got Roman off his feet.

Driving Roman to the corner.

Jey is back up.

Tag made, Jay is the legal, but runs into a right.



Legal, Jey is legal.

There is a tag, Jey is legal.

[Noise] >> And.

The referee knocked out of the ring.

[NOISE] >>, Super, Kick by Jey., [NOISE], >>, The, 1D., [NOISE], >>, Double, Yuranagi., >> There is new life in the Tribal Chief and Solo Sikoa., >>, Spike., >>, Roman, realizing this could be his moment., [NOISE], >>, Spike and Spear.

[NOISE], >>, Looks back to Roman.

[NOISE], >>, Nobody, home, Jimmy, moved out of the way.

Solo crashed and burn.

[NOISE] >>, Superman, Punch., Super, Kick., Spear, Roman for the win.

>>, One, two., >>, Jey, Uso kicked out.

He kicked out.

Jey kicked out.


Roman Reigns is not unbeatable.

Roman Reigns is indeed human.


The first time in three and a half years since December of 2019, Roman Reigns was pinned by his cousin, Main, Event, Jey, Uso., How, sweet.

It is.


Who won the Roman Reigns match at Money in the Bank? ›

Jey Uso came off the top rope with a big splash and pinned his cousin Roman Reigns to get the win in the Money in the Bank main event, billed as the Bloodline Civil War, at 32:08. It was the first time Reigns has been pinned in any kind of match in more than three years, going back to December 2019.

Who won the bloodline Civil War? ›

Bloodline Civil War: The Usos defeat Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa.

What happened after Money in the Bank 2011? ›

Del Rio then cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and pinned Punk to become the new champion after kicking Punk in the head. Punk regained the WWE Championship from Del Rio at Survivor Series in November 2011; starting a 434-day reign until The Rock beat him at the 2013 Royal Rumble event.

Who won the bloodline Civil War Money in the Bank 2023? ›

The Bloodline Civil War: The Usos vs. Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns. The Usos defeated Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa in the main event of Saturday's show, with Jey Uso becoming the first Superstar to pin The Tribal Chief in over three years.

Should I take my Money out of the Bank 2023? ›

In short, if you have less than $250,000 in your account at an FDIC-insured US bank, then you almost certainly have nothing to worry about. Each deposit account owner will be insured up to $250,000 - so, for example, if you have a joint account with your spouse, your money will be insured up to $500,000.

Who wins Usos or Roman Reigns? ›

At WWE Money in the Bank, Reigns and Solo Sikoa fell to The Usos in The Bloodline Civil War with Jey becoming the first Superstar to pin The Head of the Table since WWE TLC 2019!

How much money does Roman Reigns have in his Bank account? ›

Roman Reigns Net Worth 2023
NameRoman Reigns
Age (2023)38 years
Roman Reigns' Net worth (2023)$20 million
Source of wealthProfessional wrestling, acting
Salary$5 million
6 more rows
Apr 8, 2023

Who won The Usos vs Roman and solo? ›

2023 WWE Money in the Bank Results: The Usos defeat Roman Reigns-Solo Sikoa, Damian Priest and Iyo Sky win MITB and more | Hindustan Times.

Who is the last survivor of the Civil War? ›

Albert Henry Woolson had outlived over 2 million Civil War Union Army comrades when he died in Duluth on Aug. 2, 1956, at the age of 106. At his death, he was recognized as the last surviving Union Army veteran.

Who won the last war of the Civil War? ›

After chasing Barrett's men for almost seven miles, Ford called off the pursuit, ending the Battle of Palmito Ranch. Soon after the battle's conclusion, Confederate forces in the area surrendered to Union officials, making the battle the last of the Civil War.

Who won the last battle of the Civil War? ›

Although the war officially ended in late summer of 1866, the Battle of Palmito Ranch was the final armed conflict of the war and ironically resulted in a Confederate victory in southern Texas.

Why did banks run out of money? ›

This happens when people try to withdraw all of their funds for fear of a bank collapse. When this is done simultaneously by many depositors, the bank can run out of cash, causing it to become insolvent.

What year did the banks run out of money? ›

August 1931–January 1933. Bank panics in 1930 and 1931 were regional in nature, but the financial crisis spread throughout the entire nation starting in the fall of 1931. The banking panics in 1930 and early 1931 were regional in nature.

When did the banks run out of money? ›

Later in 1930, the U.S. began experiencing bank runs due to this crisis, which led to a massive wave of bank failures. The first of those bank runs was experienced in Nashville, Tennessee, which triggered a wave of runs across the Southeast. The U.S. financial system saw more bank runs in 1931 and 1932.

How can I protect my Money in 2023? ›

7 Best Safe Investments Of July 2023
  1. The Best Safe Investments of July 2023. Investment Type. ...
  2. Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds. ...
  3. Money Market Mutual Funds. ...
  4. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) ...
  5. High-Yield Savings Accounts. ...
  6. Series I Savings Bonds. ...
  7. Certificates of Deposit (CDs) ...
  8. Investment-Grade Corporate Bonds.
Jun 15, 2023

What is the star rating for money in the bank 2023? ›

The Bloodline Civil War tag team match and the Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match both received 4.5 stars, the highest-rated matches of the night. The Women's Money In The Bank Ladder match got 4 stars, the highest-rated Women's MITB Ladder match since 2018.

Who won the female money in the bank 2023? ›

Iyo Sky won the WWE Women's Money in the Bank briefcase in a fantastic match that was far superior to the men's Money in the Bank match.

Who won between the Usos and Roman Reigns? ›

2023 WWE Money in the Bank Results: The Usos defeat Roman Reigns-Solo Sikoa, Damian Priest and Iyo Sky win MITB, Rollins and Gunther retain respective titles.

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