Antioch Sunday Morning Worship Service (2023)


Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

Title: “Sunday Morning Service"
May 28, 2023 - Sunday Morning Worship Service
Welcome to the A!
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church
232 Skyland Ave, Charlotte, NC.
Rev. Donnie R. Garris, Senior Pastor

Today's sermon is “We’re Expected To Go And Be A Witness!” | Acts 1:4-8 (NIV)
by Pastor Donnie R. Garris

Be Blessed!
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Foreign good morning, please be attentive to the following announcements.

Also on antioch's website, join Pastor Garris for Jesus, calling Devotional and prayer call each Sunday morning from 9 30 to 9 45 a.m experience, a greater sense of Peace as we hear Jesus's words of reassurance, comfort and hope visit antioch's website for the conference call number Heights community.


Fourth, annual Walk For Change will be Friday June 2nd from 4 30 to 6, 30 PM.

The purpose is to acknowledge that change needs to take place regarding our community.

As we take steps towards positive changes, the social justice ministry will have voter registration and voter information available after the March and food will be served National.


Violence awareness is June 2nd through 4th.

Antioch will observe National Gun, Violence, Awareness, Day on Sunday June 4th to recognize both survivors and victims of gun violence.

Please wear orange for this observance.

Do you like to London new members class will begin in person.

Next Sunday, June, 4th all persons who need to complete this class or those who would like to repeat the class, please meet in room 6 at 9 00 a.m.

Next Sunday, instructors are Deacon, Rod, Tinsley and Deacon.




Bible study on Zoom is canceled May 31st join us.

When we resume on June 7th to learn more about what we as Christian Baptists believe.

And why graduate is Wednesday do you like to line dance or want to learn how then join the Journey of Hope Ministry.

This Saturday June 3rd from 12 30 to 1 30 p.m as we line dance, our way to health and wellness through exercise diet and commitment to care for the temple of God students, graduating from all levels pre-k through college will be recognized on higher education.

Day, Sunday, June 11th, during the 10 a.m service, the last day to complete and submit the online student information.

So we remember come on.

We give God praise this morning.

We can celebrate God for allowing us safe allowing us to be here.


One more time we would have been in our Graves today, but God allowed death to stand back and behave.

So we just can celebrate God for another day.

We intend to escape with Thanksgiving and it's into his course with praise.

We celebrate him because he is worthy to be praised.

He is so faithful in everything that he do, and he allowed us to be here today.

So we thank God for this day.

We thank God for everything.

We thank God.

And this weekend we're celebrating our servicemen and women who serve the military and died in service.

This Memorial weekend.

And then we thank God for Pentecost Sunday.

How God has kept up his promises to us.

So we praise God this morning, and we love him today.

Let us pray father God.

We just want to thank you for everything God.


Thank you for allowing us to be here on this morning.

Thank you God for just giving us spare in our lives.

One more time to be here today, God and God.

We just pray God for those who are coming God to break the bread of life.

We pray God for the musicians.

Oh God.

We pray God for the singers God.

We pray for those who are here and on the way, God God.

We just ask you God to bless us in service today, God and allow us to have an encounter with you like never before God allow your spirit to rest over this house, God and let it be big.

Let your spirit be big in this place, God, let us experience God a Pentecostal experience on today, God and allow your spirit to be in this place today in Jesus name, we praise you and we thank you.

And we love, you amen and amen this morning, I greet you in the name of Jesus.

My name is Darlene.

Williams I am an associate minister at Antioch, Missionary, Baptist, Baptist Church, where we affectionately call the A and I'm coming from you I'm coming to you live from the sanctuary.

And if you are here, worshiping with us on Facebook, live put in the chat, your name in the city and where you're from even if you're from Charlotte, if you are first or second time, guest put in the chat new and our AE team, the Antioch engages will welcome you to the a.

So let us now continue in worship as the male choir.

Come and surrender us to selection amen.

Thank you.

Soon I've been searching for a long time.

I said, Lord, will you show me something that I had to find I've been searching? You should have seen me show me first search Alone.

Come on come on.

You show my father, you show my sister have you have you ever asked them? I say, Lord, will you show me? Please amen.

Thank you.

Lord Jesus, show us the way Lord show us the way now we're gonna go to our scripture coming from Acts one verses, four through eight reading from the NIV version.

And we would like for you to stand for the reading of God's word, verse 4 says, on one occasion, while he was eating with them.

He gave them this command do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift.

My father promised would you have heard me speak about for John baptized with water.

But in a few days, you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Then they gathered around him and asked him.

Lord are you at this time going to restore the Kingdom of Israel? He said to them? It is not for you to know the times or the dates, the father has set by his own authority, but you will receive the power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my Witnesses in Jerusalem and in Judea and all jadir and Samarian.

And in the ends of the Earth, let us pray father.


Thank you for your word on today, God reminding us that at the time when the Holy Spirit had came on your people God we.

Thank you God for allowing your spirit to live with us and teach us and show us the way God.

We love you for that God.

And we thank you for our for the promises that you bless us with God.

So now God, we pray for the man of God who's coming to break the bread of life.

We pray God that you will bless him, God allow your spirit to rest upon him and allow him to preach with the flame of a fire father.

We pray that you will hide him behind the cross and let no flesh dwell in the sight, but allow us to hear God's your word, not only be hearers, but be doers of your word god to bless us on today, God to receive God and not only to receive your word, but apply to our lives and be a testimony to be a witness to others God as we live this life.

This Christian Life, oh God father.

We praise you, and we love you and we thank you.

And this is our prayer to you in Jesus name.

We pray amen and amen and amen say, good morning to everyone whether you are worshiping with us in here or out there or whether you're working with us.

Now or later, we say good morning, and we are thankful that you are worshiping with us here at the a my name is Donnie Garris.

The pastor of the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

We love to call the A.

And as my joy to welcome, you understand that.

This is the weekend of traveling there's, a lot of traveling going on on the weekend of Memorial Day.

And so wherever you are I've been reminded of two occasions of persons that I know who were involved in some accidents that could have been fatal, uh to just pray for traveling mercies, whether you're going to or from traveling mercies, whether you are driving or you are in the air traveling mercies, or whether you are in a car at an airport, traveling mercies.

And so, as you are traveling, if you are traveling this weekend, uh, I'm, praying for traveling mercies that you will arrive at your destination and that you would arrive there and find all things.

Well, just want to remind you of an upcoming, uh event that is going to take place before next Sunday and one that would actually take place on that Sunday.

So that we might participate two, very very important events that are raising awareness about violence that is just just everyday occurrences, uh in our world.

And in our time today, right here in the Greer Heights community, we will have the fourth annual walk for change.

The fourth annual walk for change.

This annual walk was actually started by one of our young members of our church.

Cj Bailey, CJ Bailey.

We have watched him to grow and to just a fine young man.

And so he is active in the community working down at the community center.

And so, uh, if I'm not mistaken he's.

The one that came up with this idea of an annual walk through the Grier Heights Community.

This is going to take place the fourth annual is going to take place on June.

The second June, the 2nd from 4 30 to 6, 30 p.m.

And the reason why he has put this walk together.

He wants to acknowledge that there's change that needs to take place in our community change needs to take place in our community, not just any kind of change positive change, positive change.

And he want those who are on the side of positive change to make themselves known by walking walking with him and walking with others through the Grier Heights Community.

They have a route that was starred and I think we're finished at the community center, I'm, not sure if there's some other activities that would be at the end of the walk at the community center, but less support, not only CJ one of our own uh, but just for the occasion.

And for the reason why this walk is put together, this is our community I always like to say, this is the community, not only where we worship.

It is also the place where we serve.

So let us be seen and be a part of this walk.

Then on June, the 4th next Sunday, we will have National Gun, Violence, Awareness, Day, National, Gun, Violence awareness day.

This is a national awareness to build awareness of the gun violence crisis in our country.

Today, oh man.

I mean, it just seemed like every day.

If not every week, there is some gun violence that is reported.

And if it's not a mass gun violence somewhere.

And so on next Sunday, we are joined with our nation in building awareness of the gun violence crisis.

And we will also recognize survivors and victims of gun violence.

So there's, perhaps someone in our community in our church, who has unfortunately been a victim of gun violence and maybe a survival or gun violence on next Sunday.

We will share together in this awareness and like all awareness says, uh, they're going to ask that you wear a special color and the special color that is associated with this awareness day is orange orange.

So if you have orange, uh somewhere in your closet, you might have to look deep back into your closet to find something on, but nevertheless of where something orange on that Sunday so that they will see that we're joining in this National Gun, Violence awareness day.

So Friday June.

The second meet at the community center of Greer Heights, 4 30 to 6, 30 p.m will be the annual walk.

And then on Sunday, where orange for National Gun, Violence awareness day, amen, amen, it's, it's, giving time it's giving time this month.

This month has been Mental, Health, Awareness, Month, it's been mental health awareness month this entire month of May.

And you might find it helpful during this month.

And even though we're ending this month, doesn't mean that we stop being aware of our Mental Health, but we might find it helpful to take some time to really think about how we feel about money, how we feel about money and why we feel a certain way how we feel about money.

Why do I say that because I was reading an article that said, worries about money worries about money or taking a toll on Americans leading to some negative impact on their mental health.

According to a new survey mental health, distress can manifest in many ways, including feelings of anxiety about money.

Stress over money.

Worry thoughts about money, difficulty sleeping because of money, some people even suffer depression because of money to be honest with you I had to look at my thoughts about money again, because I owe the IRS thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars.

It seems to be every year after I file, my income tax I, get a little bit from the state.

But the federal comes back and say, you owe and I ain't talking about a little bit of old thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars and I had to think about how I feel about money that am I so worried.

And so anxious am I stressed out because I, oh, cause, you know, if you don't pay, they add interest, and then they come looking for you so I had to set up a payment.

And as I set up this pavement I said, oh, but God help me help us meet these thousands and thousands of dollars that we have to pay.

And then the Lord said, I'll help, you there's some things that we have to do to help ourselves as well got to look at how we manage our money.

We've got to look at how we spend our money.

We got to look at how we bring in.

And what we put out in regards to money.

And then the Lord said, also, remember, this remember Hebrews chapter 13.

verses, five and six Hebrews, 13 5, 6, says, your way of life should be free from The Love from the obsession of money.

And you should be content with what you have after all.

The Lord has said, I will never leave you or abandon you.

So this is why we can confidently say the Lord is my helper and I won't be afraid, what can IRS I mean? What can people do to me I was encouraged by the reminder of that.

Scripture put my trust in God, not in the money, put my trust in his unfailing companionship.

We love to quote, he'll, never leave you nor forsake.

You did, you know it was in the contest of money that whatever you're worrying about.

He will not leave you nor forsake.

You he's able to help you able to help me in my time of need.

There are several ways to give online with Antioch Church app.

You can go to our church app if you have it on your phone and find the given tab there and tap on that and follow the instructions, or you can go online at antioch's website,

And there find the given tab tap on that and follow the instructions, or you can mail it to the church.

232, Skyland, Avenue, Charlotte, North, Carolina, 28205, or you can text to give on your mobile phone, just like we use our text messaging feature on a daily basis.

We can go right on our cell phone and text like we would to a recipient type there, 73256 -73256.

And as you would send a message, you would type in that space, ambc232 dollar sign.

And the amount that you would like to give.

And those of you who are in person, you know, how we receive what you have brought and I tell you something else as I think about those thousands of dollars that I owe the IRS by no means am I going to shortchange God, because if the God I serve has promised me right in that test that he'll be my helper that I can trust him, steal with my ties and my offerings, if you have brought whatever form away that you have brought your offering today, whether it's your phone or whether it's through your wallet or whether it's through your envelope with you just lift it at this time, we just say, Lord here, I am I need some money Lord.

But anyway, he'll Supply.

My needs let us consecrate a gracious God here we are here.

It is here.

We are.

We are lifted in the air to remind ourselves.

Everything we have belongs to you and everything that we need comes from you so Lord, we're, not going to stress over this money, we're not going to worry about the money.

You said, don't worry about what we're going to eat what we're going to wear what we're going to drink, because if you are able to clothe the lily of the fields and feed the birds Lord, how much more you care for us.

So Lord, we're going to lift our offering and we're going to give our offering and trust you in the end to bless us and give us what we need.

You are with us in our times of need and you're with us in our time that we need help.

So Lord help us and bless us and keep us Lord.

We pray in Jesus name.



Thank you in advance for what you trust God at this moment to give to give unto the Lord, your tithe in your offering and Trust in that again, he will never leave us nor forsake us.

The Lord we serve is our helper.

What other people can do to us if he is for us, it's preaching time.

But before we do before we do, there is a video I'm.

Sorry, I just saw in the uh outline here.

There is a video so that we might acknowledge that.

This is more your day.

Weekend, there's, a video that's about to be shown to recognize our own deceased, loved ones and also military men and women.

And after the video we're so thankful to have, uh, h2k, h2k on Monday today.

And um, uh, I was coming over to the sanctuary with uh, Reverend, sister, Garris.

And that young man, right? There, tremel, I, didn't first recognize that it was him.

He came around the corner.

He was smiling.

He said, hey, Pastor girl, I look I had to sort of get my eyes together.

Because when I last saw him, he was yay, high and tremel I had to do lift my head a little bit good to see.

You man, Tanya I got a picture of him.

We were took in the hallway with my Kappa stuff on he's up there.

So we're thankful all of our young people aren't.

We glad for all of our young people amen.

And we are thankful for for the workers as well.

So after the video after the video, uh, you all can consider yourself dismissed to the other side, amen amen, the video, please live camera action.

Remembering deceased loved ones, June 2022 through May, 2023 and men and women who served our country in loving memory of Reverend Otis Hemphill, who is dedicated to this Memorial Day service.

We remember for all of the laughter through the years for all of the times.

We shared your tears for all of the dreams.

We together shared for all of the prayers.

We hoped were heard for all of the adventures that we took for all of the places we dared to look for us as we repeat your name.

We honor you with hearts of flame.

We remember you written by Nancy pinton 2011.

We remember Mr Thomas, Beckham, Mrs, Lily, Cunningham, Mr, Roy, J, Gibson, Mrs, Ella, McRae, Mr, Eddie, McMurray, recognizing men and women who served our country.

A hero is someone who has given his or his life to something bigger than oneself written by Joseph Campbell.

A hero is someone who kept the faith and fought the fight, the glory, theirs, the duty, ours written by Wallace Bruce Heroes, never die.

They live on forever in the hearts and minds of those who would follow in their footsteps written by Emily Potter.

Thank you to all who served our country and survived by the grace of God.

Please stand as your branch of the military is called Army Navy, Air, Force, Marines, Coast, Guard, National, Guard forever.

Grateful we remember you and let's.

Thank God for Our Heroes and our loved ones serve life and serve military.

Thank God for them.

Amen Sam h2k can be dismissed let's, clap again for h2k hours, young loved ones in humans.

When they mentioned the poem that was read by written by Nancy Benton, Minister, Nancy, Benton I was reminded of another.

Another announcement she says that there are pickles in the fellowship hall that would be given to those who want them after service.

See Minister, met Nancy Benton for these pickles and I, don't know what I somebody dropped off some pickles.

And they want us to have some pickles.

I, don't know how many the pickles I don't know, she says a whole lot.

So if you love pickles go to the fellowship hall, right, the fellowship hall and meet Minister Nancy Benton there and she'll give you all these pickles that are over there I think a friend of ours from Grand Heights, Presbyterian Church, some of us know him as Bubba dropped off some pickles.

So I, don't know what form they are they're pickled, or they were all right.

Nancy said on ate about half of them they're, good.

So, uh, she just can't eat the rest of them.

So she wants you all to have the rest of them.

But she said, they are good so amen, amen.

Thank God for pickles.

Yeah, it's.

Preaching time, it's, preaching time, again, preaching from a list of seven expectations that are posted to my left to your right before us there on the wall there.

These are what I believe are some not all.

There are probably many many more.

But some of the things that are respect of us that have meaning to Christ and the church I come now to the last I save this one for last for a purpose I saved this last expectation for last so that I can preach it on today.

That is designated a special sacred day on the Christian calendar today is Pentecost Sunday.



Pentecost Sunday is especially remembered by Christians for being the day, according to Acts chapter 2 that something took place that was unusual, unrepeatable, Supernatural spectacular dramatic and defining.

It was the day when the third person and presence of the Trinity called the Holy Spirit came down with power, just as Jesus Promised.

There will never be another day of events like the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came in such a personal and transforming power upon those followers of Christ who were waiting and praying together in the upper room.

It was historical.

It was also the day that some would say when the First Christian Church was born.

Some would call it the birthday of the church.

The day, the church was birthed, the birth of Believers into one spiritual community, who would be commissioned to continue Jesus work and witness in the world ever since that day, we have been commanded and commissioned as a Church of God's people to carry out this last expectation that I want to talk about today.

And that is, we are expected to go and be a witness.

We are expected to go and be a witness ever since that day of Pentecost.

The sound has been to the church to go and be a witness one more time, we'll, hear from The Male Chorus.

We are thankful for them amen.

We are thankful for them, and then we'll have the sermon for the day on the last expectation, we're expected to go and be a witness praise, the Lord happy Memorial Day to all of those who have served.

And we thank God for those that have gone on.

And we pray and ask God's blessing over their families, those who have served you're still here and we're going to give God praise for you still being here.

Amen I've had my share a party, but I'm still here.

Thank you.

Lord trouble.

I've had my share of trouble, but I'm still here.

Thank you.


Listen bruises.

I've taken my lumps and bruises, but I'm still here.


Thank you Lord.

We all had these loneliness I had my share of loneliness I'm still here through it all I made it through another Day's Journey, God God kept me here, it's only because his grace and mercy was still here.

Dark days I've had my share of dark days, but I'm still here burdens I had to bear so many birds, but I'm still here.

Thank you.

Lord disappointments.

I've had so many disappointments, but I'm still here, oh, yes, yes.

Dark days I've had my share of dark days, but I'm still here foreign Hallelujah.

God kept me healing, oh God.

Let me tell you why he kept us here.

Listen it's by the grace of God that I'm still here today.

He was always there, no matter what came my way he's my present help and my time of need standing right there, y'all just to see about you I, my baby.

Another Day's, Journey God kept me here and it's all because he loves us first.

We've loved us.

First, another Day's, Journey God, get me here and we're gonna sing this part.

Listen I made it I hate it.

Yes, I made it I'm still here if you're glad about it they'll be here, let me see you wave your hands I made it we're thankful that we're here.

Thank you God for waking us up this day.

We give you praise.

Anyhow, yes, I made it.

Oh, thank you Lord for keeping us.

Your glory, give your praise.


Thank you God for another day I made.

Thank you.

Lord I'm.

Still here, praise the Lord You're, Still, Here, Glory, Hallelujah.

The gracious God, we are thankful this morning when we just look back over our lives matter of fact, just look past over last week, and all that we have come through Lord.

We are Mighty grateful and thankful to say we made it we're.

Still here and through it, all your grace, your mercy kept us once again, Thank, you lord for keeping us.

And thank you Lord that we're able to see amongst the living that we're still here bless us.

Now Lord for the hearing and the preaching of your word there is something that you want to remind us of that.

You expect of us, you expect of us and the church expects of us as well.

And we want to live up to those expectations, because they give you glory.

They help us do some good for others, and it puts us in the process of growth.

So Lord.

Thank you in advance for what we're going to hear today.

And preach today, we give you praise in Jesus name, amen, amen, amen, I want to before I start the sermon as we dismiss the Young Folks for h2k h2k for those who don't know means heirs to the kingdom.

We thank the kids for being here.

We thank the h2k workers, but let's.

Thank God for the parents and the Guardians who brought them here, I, unfortunately, had to preach my cousin's funeral on yesterday.

44 year old just was found dead.

And um, he was known.

It was a packed house.

It wasn't here.

It was somewhere.

It was a pack House of just young people men crying over my cousin talking about how much he helped them, and he took them in.

And when they needed somebody to step in and get them out of a situation how he stepped in and how he opened up his doors and let them live so that they wouldn't have to get involved in the system and just on and on and on.

And and uh, I talked with his mother.

My cousin, you know, always do this before I prepare for the sermon.

You know, you know, tell me some things you want me to share about your loved one and I know, my cousin, but there's a perspective that she might have that I want to say if with her permission, and she said, well, tell them that he lived by his Grandmama's rule of life.

His grandma will take him to church.

She was my aunt and she worshiped at Victory, Christian, Center and uh, I mean, you talking about a warrior, you're talking about a prayer, War you're talking about somebody who loved the Lord, unashamingly and unapologetically.

She was that type of woman.

She would take him to church.

You know taken when he was a young person, take him to church.

And he learned something when going to church because he she took him to church made him go to the church, sit there beside him, and she taught him.

And my cousin said, I want you to tell those young people tell those there that he lived by his Grandmama's rule of life, I said, what is that she said, the Golden Rule, you know, the Golden Rule cousin I said, yeah, do unto others as you have them to do unto you and I stood and I told those young people yesterday I said, you want to know why he was so kind to you and why he was so loving to you and why he was so open to you, because he learned something from his Grandmama who took him to church do unto others.

And he would tell them that because as I began to recite it, they chime right in do unto others as you have them to do unto you so young people come to church and parents bring them to church.

They may squirm and all that stuff, but they will learn and listen, and they will remember.

And when they come of age they'll, be saying, I do what I do because you taught me a rule of life do unto others as you have them to do unto me all right, y'all I'm, sorry, I just added 10 minutes to the sermon.

But anyway, thank you for bringing with church.

The Lord said, don't, leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift of my father, the gift that my father promised, which you have heard me speak about for John baptized with water.

But in a few days, you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.

You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.

And you will be my Witnesses in Jerusalem in all Judea Samaria into the ends of the Earth I've talked about.

What is expected of us in regards to worship God expects us to worship God expects us to grow God expects us to serve God expects us to give God expects us to pray.

God expects us to love and I come to my last list of expectations.

God expects us to go and be a witness for this.

Last time, I, quote from Daniel, Leroy Wagner.

He wrote a demon dissertation titled God's expectations of his people, a challenge to the church, this leadership concerning accountability before God for the last time, I remind you of his thesis of his dissertation or what he called his prime assumption.

His prime assumption was stated this way God has expectations of his creation.

Creation in turn has to responsibility of living up to these expectations.

God has not hidden these expectations as his expectations are fully revealed in the scriptures.

The Bible was filled with Lively examples of people who have chosen to obey or not and have experienced the consequences of those choices.

One last time I remind us of how expectations are defined in Collins Dictionary.

Expectations are strong hopes.

Expectations are strong beliefs that something will happen that you will get something that you want I believe our Lord and the Lord's church have high expectations of us, strong hopes, strong, beliefs that worship will happen.

Growth will happen service will happen.

Given will happen.

Praying will happen.

Love will happen.

Witness will happen the Lord and the Lord's Church, Hold, Us, responsible and accountable for living up to these expectations.

This is what the Lord wants.

And this is what the Lord hopes for, and we should learn what is expected of us and live accordingly so that we will learn what it is that we are to live up to God's expectations, and the church's expectation, I listed, those seven posted them.

And on today, Pentecost Sunday, I saved this for last for that purpose, because we are expected to go and be a witness in preparation for this sermon.

I read Dr, Tony, Evans book, what matters most? What matters most? And in this book, he he shares this interest and insight for today.

He said few people would disagree that the greatest Church in history was the first church, the church in Jerusalem in the early chapters of Acts.

This church was on fire possessed by the Holy Spirit exploding on the scene on the day of Pentecost.

One reason this church was so dynamic is that it got off to a good start Jesus had told the disciples in Acts chapter 1, verse 8., don't have church until the holy ghost shows up, and they obeyed him.

And the spirit showed up in great power at Pentecost don't have church until the Holy Ghost shows up look at this text, it's a very interesting test, it actually takes place before the holy ghost shows up in great power and presence on the day of Pentecost.

Our test takes place on another exciting day on the Christian calendar, We Now call Ascension Day, which is observed the 40th Day after Easter and would have been according to our calendar May.

The 18th Ascension Day is when we remember God taking Jesus up, Up and Away, taking Jesus up up and away from Earth to Glory Jesus was taken up.

He was ascended.

He ascended up by the same power that got him up on Resurrection morning.

Why was Jesus taken up up and away Jesus had finished his salvific, great, salvation work here on Earth.

He had done all that he had been assigned by his father to do here on Earth.

And he ascended.

He went up so that he could sit down at the right hand of God.

He went up so he could kneel down to make intercessions for us at the Throne of God.

He went up so everything else will bow down every knee will bow and every tongue confess that he is Lord.

He went up so that one day all his enemies will Bow Down at his footstool.

He went up so his name will come down to us as the name above every name.

Jesus went up.

So the Holy Ghost will come down and His, holy ghost will come down.

So his disciples would go out.

So he went up and the Holy Ghost came down in verse 8.

We find in our text that before he goes up for the third time.

Jesus reminds his followers in his farewell message, how important his stand-in, the presence in the person called the Holy Spirit, how the Holy Spirit will be so important in their lives.

The first two reminders were about the promise and baptism of the holy spirit in Verses, 4 and 5.

Listen again to what Jesus says about the promise and the baptism of the Holy Spirit Verses, 4 and 5 of Acts chapter one.

He says, he commanded them talking about his disciples, not to leave Jerusalem, but wait, wait, wait, wait, literally to wait here in the test means to remain around with Great Expectations, wait, wait like we would for our paycheck on Friday morning.

Wait wait like we would when we were little children waiting for those gifts under the Christmas tree on Christmas day, wait, wait, wait, wait I read around with great expectations for what wait on the promise of the Holy Spirit Jesus tells them in verse 4 to wait around with great expectation for the Holy Ghost.

When the Holy Spirit comes, he will come as the Fulfillment of a promise.

You see before the crucifixion Jesus Promised his followers that even though he would suffer bleed and die by way of hanging on the cross.

But three days later, he would conquer death and come out of the grave.

And he will leave Earth to go prepare a pants, a mansion for them in heaven, even before the crucifixion.

He promised his followers I'm going to leave you a comforter I'm, not going to leave you all by yourself.

When I go up, somebody is coming down to be with you, and you will not be left alone.


You remember, I, promise you that there will come another Divine person that I call the Holy Spirit, who would take my place.

And just as I have been with you I promise that when the Holy Ghost come down and I go up, he will be with you to comfort you to strengthen you to teach you to encourage you to guide you to be your wonderful counselor to help you when you need me, the most I promise you that the Holy Ghost will be closer to you than anybody could ever be close to you.

Because when I go up the Holy Ghost will not only come down to be with you.

But the Holy Ghost will be in.

You always available always accessible to enable you to be and Empower you to do whatever I call and commission you to be and to do don't.

You remember, I promised you before everything went down at the crucifixion that the Holy Ghost would come.

So, wait, wait around with Great Expectations for what I promise and I promised you that the Holy Ghost will show up wait on the baptism of the Holy Spirit that's.

What he says in verse 5., wait around with a great expectation for the spirit to come.

And when the spirit comes the spirit will come and baptize.

You matter of fact, I know, John baptized with water, but wait wait just wait around with a great expectation for the few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Now, it's interesting that that word baptism the word that is used for baptism in the Greek was used to describe the process of dying cloth.

Have you ever tie-dyed? Anything? Have you ever dyed your hair? Have you ever died anything wanted to change the color of it.

This word baptism is associated with dying cloth.

For instance, if a person wanted a piece of cloth to change from white to purple or change from any other color to another color, they would do a process called baptism.

They would baptize that is immerse and dipped that cloth into the purple dye.

And when the clock came out of the dime, the person had a different looking piece of cloth because it had been baptized.

It had been immersed.

It had been dipped into a colored dye.

Likewise, Jesus said, wait around with Great Expectations for the baptism of the Holy Spirit for when the Holy Spirit come upon you.

The holy spirit will die.

You the Holy Spirit, Will, baptize, you the Holy Spirit, Will, immerse you the holy spirit will transform you from the crown of your hand to the soul of your feet.

The holy spirit will change you and you'll come out looking like a brand new person with a brand new walk and a brand new tote and a brand new way of living and behaving and acting in the world.

Wait wait for the baptism.

When he come upon you, you will no longer be the same wait.

A transformation will occur wait around with great expectation for the Holy Ghost to show up to die.

You baptize, you transform you wait around with great expectation on the power of the Holy Spirit that's.

What he gets at in verse 8., wait for when the Holy Ghost comes, he will come with made me think about JJ Walker.

Some of us old enough to remember J.J Walker who was known for saying, kid, that's the word for power in the test, the word for power.

And the test is dynamite when the Holy Ghost come it's going to disrupt some stuff when the Holy Ghost come it's going to disturb some stuff when the Holy Ghost come it's going to shake some stuff up you.

And we walk around talking about I.

Am kid Dynamite filled with some power in my walk.

And in my talk and in my way of living, he will come as The Invisible, Presence and power of the almighty God.

He would come with some spiritual power.

Supernatural power, enabling power, embolden power.

Some miracle power, some word Wonder, working power he'll give you some Ability, Beyond, Your, Potential beyond your possibility beyond what you can ever imagine to do for yourself.

He will give you some power.

Someone said, the only way these Ordinary People we're going to be able to do some extraordinary things would be because the spirit of God will be at work in their lives.

Wait around with just a few more days with great expectation for the Holy Ghost to show up to endow you with power could do some extraordinary things Jesus told them to not not leave Jerusalem, but wait remain around pray while you wait come together while you're away get up there in that Upper Room do some praying do some waiting do some weightness and praying and do some more praying and some waiting just wait with some great expectations and pray with great expectation on the promise, the baptism and the power of the Holy Spirit to show up days earlier, what Jesus had commissioned them to do Matthew Mark and Luke records what we call today, the Great Commission, what Jesus had a few days earlier had commissioned them to do was so great in his scope and scale that they would have to go into the world.

Disciple folks, teach folks baptize folks, teach folks heal folks help from Save and deliver folks they will only be able to do those things these extraordinary things.

And these extraordinary places, the only way they'll be effective and efficient will be through the power of the Holy Spirit, wait, wait that's.

Why Tony Evans said, don't have church until the Holy Ghost shows up Eugene, Boren and Fred Craddock wrote.

This commentary called The, People's, New, Testament commentary.

They said, the church's mission is not carried out in his own strength.

The church is not a group of good people trying hard to make the world, a better place, the church functions by the presence.

And the power of God, verse 8 we're told the promise and baptism and the power of the Holy Spirit, Will, Come and will come for a purpose.

Now it would be so electrifying that it will make you want to praise him, it'll be so electrifying that it will make you want to dance and Shout matter of fact, it'll be so electrifying, let it make you want to speak in tongues, but more than dance and shouting speaking in tongues and praising, the Lord.

It has another purpose.

You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes you, and you will be Witnesses, my Witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea in Samaria and to the ends of the Earth.

The spirit is promised to come.

And when the spirit comes the spirit will die or baptize with power for the purpose of making them Witnesses that's.

The purpose, that's, the purpose, that's, the end result of Pentecost, Sunday that's, what it's all about that's? What the waiting is all about is to be baptized with power to carry out God's purpose of being a witness Jesus said, when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will be my Witnesses.

And the emphasis is really not on the act of witnessing as much as being a witness.

In other words, the only way you'll be witnessing, because you are Witness, I will transform you and make you into something you never even thought you had the courage to do.

You never thought you had the competence to do it.

You never even thought you had to capability to do it.

You didn't, even think you had the capacity you thought you were too scared.

You thought you were too private.

You thought you couldn't speak well.

But when the Holy Ghost come on you, you have the carriers and the competence and the capability and the capacity to be what I'm calling you to do.

And that is Witness be the Lord's Witness can I remind you of something in case you have not realized it that every one of us every one of us who are sitting up in here.

And those who will watch me out there.

Every one of us we have present in US, the full power of the Lord's spirit to be Witnesses in this world.

Today, every one of us who are followers and Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We got something called holy ghost power in US to be his Witnesses in the world.

Today, I know, you're questioning your competence, I know, you are questioning your courage, I know, you're questioning your capability and your capacity.

And the Lord is saying, I know how you feel but I'm trying to tell you, you got some power.

You have power to be my Witnesses in the world today.

Because remember the power to be the witness is not dependent upon you it's, not it's.

Not you got to learn that when you get out there to say, help me, Holy, Ghost and he's there.

You got to know how to say help me hard.

But to do what the Lord wants me to do and to be what the Lord wants to be because it's, not within you to do it that's.

Why I said, I'm, sending you some power in the Holy Ghost.

You don't have it within yourself to do it all by yourself that's.

Why I said, wait for the promise, the baptism and the power and the present, the Holy Spirit to be at work in your life.

My good friend he's now retired from the uh first, First, Baptist, Church of Lincoln Gardens in New Jersey.

We call them Buster stories.

But his name is DeForest stories.

He had a comment about this.

He said, the most important kind of power needed to accomplish great Deeds for the Lord is power that cannot be gotten from titles positions money.

And you sure won't get it from the government.

He said, Jesus knew his disciples needed a unique kind of power.

And we got to recognize that our ability to sustain any of our accomplishments or achievements or missions or Ministries in the church requires a unique kind of of internal power remind me of this story.

This one Sunday morning, this pastor took out a pail of dirt and started sprinkling all across the church's nice, white carpet.

He just started just spraying dirt all over the white car.

And you can just imagine the mothers of the church gasping and the and the janitor saying, oh, he is give me something else to clean up.

You know, just everybody was just wondering what in the world is he doing.

And then he brought a vacuum cleaner.

He brought him a vacuum cleaner.

And he stood there and missed all this dirt on the white carpet.

And he asked the congregation how many of y'all believe that this vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning up this dirt.

Everybody raised their hand raised their hand.

And he looked around.

He said, well, I'm sorry to tell you you're wrong.

This vacuum cleaner does not have the capability of cleaning up this dirt.

If you raise your hand thinking so you're wrong, he said, let me show you.

He began to push the vacuum cleaner over the dirt and absolutely nothing happened.

He asked the congregation.

Why do you think the vacuum cleaner is not doing its job way back Yonder in that corner.

There was this one little young man who said, I know, I know why I know why that carpet is not clean that vacuum cleaner is not cleaning up that carpet.

He said, tell me young man, he said because it's, not plugged in a vacuum, cleaner ain't worth this grain of salt.

If it ain't plugged in.

And the Pastor said, exactly try to remove the dirt in our lives and in our world without plugging into the power of the holy spirit is just as futile as trying to clean a stained carpet with an unconnected unpowered vacuum, cleaner without God's power.

Surging through us.

We are powerless makes me want to ask the question.

Do you have to hook up? We can do all things and be everything.

The Lord wants us to do and to be because we are plugged in to the power of the Holy Ghost to do it and to be it Jesus says to his disciples.


And now you will see Power surging through you when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be plugged in to be my Witnesses it's interesting that this word witness is a key word in the book of Acts it's used some 29 times throughout the Book of Acts witness is a very very very very important word to the author of the book of Acts, which is Luke Luke, wants us to know that all the acts and activities and actions and accomplishments that take place in the mission and Ministry of the church people in the book of Acts has taken place because of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit has enabled them to be these Witnesses.

The Holy Spirit has enabled them to do and to be what God is telling them to do and to be.

And that is a witness again, I reference, Eugene Boren and Fred.

Craddick's commentary who said this about the Believers and followers of Jesus being Witnesses.

He said, though eyewitnesses of Jesus ministry are important in Luke's understanding Witnesses here, referred to the whole group of Jesus followers, including those who later became disciples without having been eyewitnesses of Jesus Ministry.

They are called to Bear witness not to their internal spiritual experiences or to the antidotes in their own spiritual experiences.

But they are called to be witnesses to the mighty acts of God in history.

Culminating in the Christ event, Christians, not only to follow Jesus in the same way.

They live their lives by adopting his priorities and continuing to serve others as he did.

But they're also called to declare verbally why it is that they live the way that they live from this.

We have a definition of the Lord's witness in two parts.

And that is a witness is a follower of Jesus Christ who can attest unashamely and unapologetically to the mighty saving and delivering and liberating and conquering and confounding and wonder and miracle-working acts of God in history recorded in the scriptures as well as recorded in one's life.

A witness secondly, is a believer of Jesus, Christ, who's, not ashamed to declare verbally.

Why they live a certain way why they live a God-fearing God, honoring God, loving God, trusting God's serving way I have to ask the question, do we have any Witnesses for the Lord in the house today? Do we have any Witnesses for the Lord today? Well, let me let you think a little bit more deeply about this thing about being a witness in addition to understanding what it means to be a witness for the Lord I reference, Dr Marvin mcmickle, who had this Insight.

He said to be a witness.

A witness is someone who has seen something witness is someone who has seen something a Witnesses call upon to witness to what they have sing, I, don't know, if you've ever had to be called to the witness stand in court.

But when called to the witness stand the judge and jury they're, not interested in your speculations they're, not interested in your feelings, they're, not interested in your ideas, they're, not interested in your opinions.

They want you to testify not test a lie about what you know you have seen.

They want to know are you? Uh, ah, Witness, because you have seen with your own eyes.

In addition to this, you can't be a witness and not be personally involved in what you have seen when you receive a subpoena to come to court and Testify.

The judge doesn't want you to send someone to relay your message when they come for you.

They want you on the witness stand.

The judge wants to hear from you what you have personally seen and have actually heard regarding what has happened because you were there.

You were there.

You were there.

A witness.

Secondly, is someone who says something about what they've seen it's interesting that the Greek word in the test is parsia, meaning, you make a bold speech without regard to the consequences that might come to the speaker.

A witness has seen something on the scene and they're called upon to bravely boldly and courageously say, something, regardless of the risk, the threat and the danger that might be.

They have to come.

Are you willing to testify? Are you willing to testify knowing that somebody might come after? You? Are you willing to testify nor that you might lose some friendships? Are you willing to testify boldly without fear, a rejection rebuke retaliation.

Everybody are you willing to testify, knowing that you're going to be cross-examined you're going to be critiqued? You might be even badgered on the witness stand are you still willing to testify? Are you still willing to be a witness? And the witness has been someone who is bold with their testimony.

You willing to say something and tell the truth like it TI is even though you might be cross-examined when a witness is someone who suffers something because of what they truthfully tell that they have seen there's another word closely related to this word witness.

And that is Martyr, meaning one who witnesses with one's own life.

No matter the negative consequences might be some public shaming, or what it costs.

They might bring some stuff up from your past to try to discredit you, but you're willing to suffer the consequence, you're willing to risk something for telling the truth of what you have witnessed.

And what you have seen that when cross examine, and they try to discredit you.

And they try to get you to be unconvinced.

If you will of what you have seen, you say, no, I know what I've seen you can't make me doubt.

It I know, too much about it I know what I've seen with my own eyes and no matter the consequences I'm going to tell it like it you're going to be like Ramsay, orta Ramsay orta was the person who filmed Eric Gardner's murder as he was on the ground, repeatedly desperately saying, I, can't, breathe, I can't breathe, I can't breathe, Ramsey ordered filmed that that's how we were able to see it who when Eric Garner was on that ground talking that I can't breathe as he was handcuffed, and they had their knee on them.

It was Ramsey order who filmed it.

And because he testified him because he testified of what he had seen.

He was subjected to police harassment that eventually landed him in prison, because they brought us some old stuff a price that he paid for testifying about what he has seen of the police brutality inflicted on Gardner to be a witness is to be like darnella Frazier that 17 year old, who took the eight minute video of George, Floyd being suffocated by a knee on his neck by a police officer.

She was harassed by haters with messages online.

She said, well, if it wasn't for me, four cops would have still had their jobs causing other problems.

She was hated for being a brave Witness to what she had seen and for boldly coming out publicly with what she had seen I read an article.

Just recently this past week in the Raleigh news and observer, the Reverend William Barber.

We ought to know him by now he's that Christian minister social activist the originator of the more Monday movement up there in Raleigh, president of the repairs of the breach co-chair of what is now called the Poor People's campaign.

Now, the professor at Yale Divinity School, he had a March in Raleigh this past week.

He had with him a hundred protesters.

And they went to the legislative building there in Raleigh Reverend William Barber said that while going through the metal detectors as he was going through the metal detectors, he announced a loud, you know, what y'all this might be a good day to get arrested.

Barbara said, he went there with hundreds of other protesters on the state's Capitol Hill to Rally against a state budget that he said, would hurt the poor, and he didn't mind getting arrested if necessary for standing up for the truth.

He went and witnessed against a host of proposals and the republican-led legislature, including private school vouchers, funded by public money and tax cuts.

He said, would benefit the state's richest residence.

He went there to witness to the 1 million North Carolinians who are uninsured and to demand Medicaid expansion with no strings.


He went there boldly bravely to raise the issue of what he called Murder exactly through public policy.

Do you know that a study was done that revealed poverty is the fourth greatest cause of death in the United States that in 2019 poverty killed ten times as many people as homicides instead of moral mutinous.

Instead of being quiet about the the William Barber said, I'll be a witness I'll.

Take action, I'll say, something I'll be a moral witness on that same day.

Last week, Barbara said in his speech, we know, we know they might outvote us, but that's, not why we mobilize we mobilize.

So what they're doing is not done in the dark we're going to wear your hand Paws out on Election Day.

He went there to be a broad witness so that it was done in the dark will be brought to the light.

Jesus said, wait for the Holy Ghost to show up, and he will give them power to be his Witnesses.

To Boldly stand up speak up, shout aloud say something about what they have.

Truthfully seen, even if it means suffering, harassment and hate, even it means being arrested and jailed forward.

So church I, ask, again, think about what I've said before you answer, this time, do we have any Witnesses? Who are not afraid to stand up speak out say, something about the gospel truth that we have seen heard and known about the acts of God, His, Marvelous ways, his miraculous ways, his mighty ways, his righteous ways, his just ways and why we live? Why we serve? Why we worship? Why we March? Why we protest the way we do we're, not a same? Nor are we afraid to tell it like it is because we've seen something and we've heard something, and we know what it means, even if we have to suffer for it? Do we have any Witnesses? Do we have any Witnesses say, you'll, be my Witnesses, not only will you have power and baptism, but you also have purpose Witnesses.

And you have places where I want you to go Jerusalem.

Yeah, I said, Jerusalem, yeah, I know, I know, Jerusalem is a dangerous city right now, I know, it's days because they just got through crucifying me.

And they thought they had me in the grave, and they know that I'm out here somewhere alive, and they think you have come and you have stolen my body now in Jerusalem you're on the governance government's, most wanted list now in Jerusalem you're on the government's, most hated list, but I want you to still be a witness in Jerusalem I want you to get ready to make some movement from where you are way out into Judea I? Want you to go outside your local, vicinity I know, it's going to put you out of your comfort zone, I know, I'm going to put you on a stretch assignment in other words, it's going to stretch your competency it's going to make you go to another level of your ability that you didn't, even think you had I know, it's going to stretch you, but it's going to also develop you I know, it's going to put you in a place where you got to do some things differently.

You got to learn some things new you're going to have to do things a different kind of way, but I want you to go to the Judea because I want you to witness there and I want you to go out into Samaritan? I know, you can't stand them and they can't stand you I know, they are a bunch of mixed race.

People, I know, they are diverse.

People, I know, they're kind of peculiar and different kind of people.

I know, you have rejected them.

I know, you have despised them.

I know, you have ostracized them, I know, you don't like them too much, I know, you call them the other folks I know you call them them folks, but I want you to go there and be a witness and then I don't want you to stop there? I want you to get your passport? Ready and I want you to get your airplane ticket? Ready and I I want you to get your cruise ticket? Ready and I want you to go beyond the borders and Beyond The Waters.

And wherever humanity is this I want you to go to all the places in the world and I want you to be my witness there? And when you get there I want you to be bold, I want you to be brave I? Want you to know that you're filled with the Holy Ghost to be wherever I send you go into Jerusalem go to the dead go to Samaria and go to the end of the Earth.

It was Macaulay.

It was isama calling this book reading while black a messages of those of us who are on Bible study on last Wednesday, that's, a good book to read reading while Black by Esau McCauley.

He says in this book that Luke's Place, the author of This Book of Acts Luke's Place in the Canon is a testimony to God's value of all ethnic groups.

Luke's gospel argues that God always intended to create an International multi-ethnic Community for his own Glory that God's plan has always been for the Nations wherever they are.

And whoever they are to know the Lord to Worship the Lord and obey the Lord and to know that they can have a place in God's kingdom.

You got to go go I've, given you power power of the Holy Ghost.

Go of giving you purpose, go be a witness and I'm giving you places go to generic go to Samaria go to Jerusalem go to Judea go to all the other most parts of the world, and let folks know I am looking for an International multi-ethnic Community.

And if they too no matter who they are be a part of God's Kingdom, go Tony.

Evans mentioned this story about this little girl who asked her father, Daddy, can you tell me what what it is that firemen do in the firehouse all day? Daddy I'm, just curious what what did they do in the firehouse all day long and his daddy said, well, baby I'll, tell you what they do.

They spent a whole lot of time waiting.

They spent a whole lot of time waiting for for the fire alarm to sound when the fire alarm, sounds that's when they move out.

Dr, Tony, Evans said, I know, I know that firefighters do a lot more than just sit around waiting for a fire.

But he said, I, hope you get the idea they don't go until the alarm has sounded Tony.

Evans said, Well church, God sounded the alarm for his Witnesses.

Two thousand years ago.

The alarm has been sounded and God needs people who are ready to Gear Up and go.

Well on this last sermon of my list of expectations I've come to remind us.


The Holy Ghost has shown up the Holy Ghost is saying it's time to go God has already sounded the alarm on Pentecost Sunday.

Some 2000 years ago, it's time for us to go can't.

You see it the world is on fire and it's time to go.

We are expecting matter of fact we have been empowered to be his bold, Witnesses it's time to go it's time for us to run tell the truth, what we know what we've seen.

What we've heard regardless of the hate, the harassment, the ridicued or the retaliation it's time to go it's time for us to open our mouths and say, something do something be a witness for the Lord it's time for us to go Dr, Shirley Caesar has a song called go.

And in this song, she speaks apart, you know, she's at the habit of preaching in a part of her her songs, Dr Shirley Caesar had this song called go.

And she preaches in this song.

This part she says after Jesus had tabernacled here for 40 days.

He was nearing the time that he must go back to the father.

And the Bible gives us to know that one day out on a lowly Hill with 11 disciples standing around him.

No doubt, one of the disciples said, Lord must you go and Jesus said, if I go not the comforter will not come.

But in the meantime, I'm going to leave I'm not going to leave you comfortless, but if but I want you to go I want you to go ye, therefore and teach All Nations and I want you to baptize them in the name of the father in the name of the son is the name of the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe all things.


Go that's.

Her song, you want to know how it really sounds.

The song goes, something like this go ye.

Therefore teach All Nation.





Go ye.

Therefore and teach All Nations.




Go baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost.

If you love me, really love me feel my sheep.

If you love me, really love me feel my sheep, though I'll be with you forever and ever until the end of the world.

Go go.

Go go how to reach the masses men of every birth for an answer Jesus gave the king if I and I, if I be lifted up from the Earth will draw all men unto me, lift them up lift them up.

Lift them up still.

He speaks funny time, the D and I if I foreign, oh, gracious God.

We thank you for your word feel your Holy Spirit in a different way.

Today, we feel your Holy Spirit burning on the inside telling us it's time for us to go.

We feel your Holy Spirit working on the inside.

And it wants us to work on the outside.

We hear and feel your Holy Spirit telling us to go Lord.

We have the power.

We have the purpose, and we have the places go into our own community go throughout our whole city and county move on out throughout our whole country.

And even if we have to get a passport even go outside of our country, but wherever we go the alarm is already sounded for us to go and be a witness Lord.

We pray that we will step out on faith believing that we have what it takes to be a witness, regardless what we think about our confidence or our capabilities or our capacity.

We have the ability through the power of the Holy Ghost.

Thank you Lord for the Holy Spirit.

Thank him.

Holy Spirit, oh, God that helps us to move and to do and to be in ways that we never imagined, but Lord, you have given us the power to do and to be.

So now Lord, we just pray to be obedient to all of the expectations because you're looking for us to do this us to do this you're looking for this to happen to worship to serve to grow to love to give to pray.

And to witness Lord may we choose to obey may we choose to do your will We Love, You, O Lord.

And we bless your holy name.

It is in Jesus name.

We pray and we praise, and we say, Amen, you may be seated like to extend an invitation.

First of all, you got to be hooked up.

I said, I, provide the hookup that faith in Jesus Christ that faith in the Lord Jesus Christ makes the hook up.

We have the Holy Spirit by way of faith in Jesus Christ that when we believe the Lord says, I, give you power power to live the way I want you to live power to do the things I'm calling you and commissioning you and commanding you to do I don't, tell you to do nothing I don't, give you the power to do it.

But you got to first come and believe Jesus makes the way he's the truth about all of this that we're talking about and that the life that we want.

And he says that he offers is in him.

So if you want to hook up, we want to invite you to give your life to Christ.

If you want to hook up where the Lord says I want to use, you use that power that I've given you to serve me to witness for me and I need you to do it through the church body because that's where my witness comes from as a body.

If you want to become a member of the Antioch, Mr, Baptist, Church family, either that give your life to Christ or become a member just go to our website, submit, the discipleship form, or you may send us an email by clicking the send email button on antioch's Facebook page.

And if you're here in person and you still want that hook up still want to be a part.

And you now realize that all that power that the Lord has given you is for a purpose that you might serve him in a very special way.

You can just raise your hand and the ushers will come to you with that same form and fill it out.

And we will do.

Likewise, as we've done with those who will call us in, or let us know through the email, we'll Rejoice with you and give you some information as to what to do next I do pray and hope that this Series has been a blessing to you.

And again, in the words of James, you don't know, you want to know what my expectation is.

My expectation is that we're not only hearers that we haven't just come here.

And we've just enjoyed pastor preaching.

Another wonderful message that oh Lord.

He can preach that's.

Not the purpose somebody on yesterday said to me after I, preached the funeral.

Oh, you know that was a great message Reverend.

Oh I got to come to your church.

I got to do all this kind of stuff because I had just got through talking about.

You know, life is short and there's.

Some things we need to do in our relationships.

Tell people how to forgive you will you forgive me, I love you.

And thank you and all that sort of stuff, oh, Reverend.

You preached A, good sermon and I said to them what Billy Graham once said to someone it remains to be seen.

It remains to be seen.

Sermons are not meant to be enjoyed.

They are meant to be employed.

So my my determining Factor, whether or not these sermons are really good.

If you start living a good life worship serve, give Witness pray.

Love stand upon your feet.

Now to him who is able to keep us from falling down to him who has endowed us with the Holy Ghost and who commands us now to go down to him who has turned us into something that we didn't, even imagine for ourselves, the one who has made us his witness to all wise God be glory, power, Dominion now, hands, forevermore.

And we all say, Amen.

Thank you for joining us on Virtual.

Go see, Nancy, Benton, she's, getting ready to go right over there and get them pickles.

Remembering deceased loved ones, June 2022 through May, 2023 and men and women who served our country in loving memory of Reverend Otis Hemphill, who is dedicated to this Memorial Day service.

We remember for all of the laughter through the years for all of the times.

We shared your tears for all of the dreams.

We together shared for all of the prayers.

We hoped were heard for all of the adventures that we took for all of the places we dared to look for us as we repeat your name.

We honor you with hearts of flame.

We remember you written by Nancy pinton 2011.

We remember Mr, Thomas, Beckham, Mrs, Lily, Cunningham, Mr, Roy, J, Gibson, Mrs, Ella, McRae, Mr, Eddie, McMurray, recognizing men and women who served our country.

A hero is someone who is given his or his life to something bigger than oneself written by Joseph Campbell.

A hero is someone who kept the faith and fought the fight, the glory.

Theirs, the duty ours written by Wallace Bruce Heroes, never die.

They live on forever in the hearts and minds of those who would follow in their footsteps written by Emily Potter.

Thank you to all who served our country and survived by the grace of God.

Please stand as your branch of the military is called.


What religion is Antioch church? ›

Antioch International Movement of Churches
Antioch Movement
PresidentJimmy Seibert
3 more rows

What do Antioch Baptist believe? ›

We believe there is one, and only one, true and living God; while there is indivisible unity in the Godhead, He exists in three separate persons — God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit — equal in every divine attribute and executing distinct, but harmonious office in the work of creation and redemption.

Who was pastor of the Antioch church? ›

with Reverend William Ridley as the first acting pastor. The Reverend D. D. Minor, an Oberlin College student, was engaged as the first official minister of the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in March 1893.

What were Christians called at Antioch? ›

“And it was in Antioch that the disciples were first called Christians,” Acts 11: 26. This verse is one of my favorite in the Bible. It reminds me of the story — Acts 11: 19-26 — about Christians becoming known as Christians and it challenges me to honor this identity in the living of my days.

What religion is Antioch today? ›

Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East, is an Oriental Orthodox Church with autocephalous patriarchate founded by Saint Peter and Saint Paul in the first century, according to its tradition.

What does Antioch mean in religion? ›

Antioch was the place where followers of Jesus Christ were first labeled, 'Christians. ' (Acts 11:26) This label of 'Christian' was first used as a derogatory word. It was an insult. There was a movement of people who were following the way of Christ, and they were growing.

What religion is Baptist closest to? ›

Baptists form a major branch of Protestantism distinguished by baptizing only professing Christian believers (believer's baptism), and doing so by complete immersion.

What religion is Baptist similar to? ›

Baptist, member of a group of Protestant Christians who share the basic beliefs of most Protestants but who insist that only believers should be baptized and that it should be done by immersion rather than by the sprinkling or pouring of water.

What is the church of Antioch known for? ›

It was the great central point from where missionaries to the Gentiles were sent (presumably following the Great Commission). It was the birthplace of the famous Christian father Chrysostom, who died A.D. 407.

What is Antioch called today? ›

Once host to such famous visitors as Constantine the Great, Trajan, Julius Caesar, John Chrysostom, and Diocletian, Antioch was the capital of Ancient Syria and the leading city of the Roman East in the area now known as southern Turkey.

Where is Antioch in the Bible today? ›

Antioch, Turkish Antakya, populous city of ancient Syria and now a major town of south-central Turkey. It lies near the mouth of the Orontes River, about 12 miles (19 km) northwest of the Syrian border.

What were Christians called before they were called Christians? ›

The term Nazarene was also used by the Jewish lawyer Tertullus (Against Marcion 4:8) which records that "the Jews call us Nazarenes." While around 331 AD Eusebius records that Christ was called a Nazoraean from the name Nazareth, and that in earlier centuries "Christians" were once called "Nazarenes".

What was the first church after Jesus? ›

Shortly after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Nisan 14 or 15), the Jerusalem church is founded as the first Christian church with about 120 Jews and Jewish Proselytes (Acts 1:15), followed by Pentecost (Sivan 6), the Ananias and Sapphira incident, Pharisee Gamaliel's defense of the Apostles (5:34–39), the ...

Who was the first Gentile to be baptized? ›

Cornelius is considered to be one of the first gentile converts to Christianity. The baptism of Cornelius is an important event in the history of the early Christian church, along with the conversion and baptism of the Ethiopian eunuch.

What is the oldest religion? ›

Hinduism has been called the oldest religion in the world. The word Hindu is an exonym although many practitioners refer to their religion as Sanātana Dharma (Sanskrit: सनातन धर्म, lit.

Who did God call to leave Antioch? ›

Council of Jerusalem

Paul left Antioch and traveled to Jerusalem to discuss his mission to the Gentiles with the Pillars of the Church.

What does the name Antioch mean in Hebrew? ›

Biblical Names Meaning:

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Antioch is: Speedy as a chariot.

Is Antioch the head of the church? ›

Ignatius Aphrem II, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East. He is the Supreme Head of the Syriac Orthodox Church, which is part of the Oriental Orthodox communion and uses the Antiochene liturgy. His see is based in Damascus.

Why can't Baptists dance? ›

Various Christian groups believe that dancing is either inherently sinful or that certain forms of dancing could lead to sinful thoughts or activities, and thus proscribe it either in general or during religious services, particularly in the Anabaptist (chiefly Conservative Anabaptist and Old Order Anabaptist ...

Do Baptists believe God and Jesus are the same person? ›

Baptists believe that all members are equal under God in the fellowship of the church. Jesus is the one mediator between God and humanity. Every human being has direct access to God through Christ.

Do you have to be baptized to go to heaven? ›

While Jesus told Nicodemus, “Amen, Amen, I say to you, no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and Spirit” (John 3:5), he did not set baptism as a hindrance to salvation but just the opposite. We so often judge things by human standards, but God is not restrained by our standards.

How are Baptists different from Christians? ›

The primary difference between Baptists and other Christians is the practice of believers' baptism. Only people who have professed their faith can be baptized, in contrast to infant baptism practiced by most other Christian faiths, and baptism must occur by full-body immersion in water.

What are the three main beliefs of Baptists? ›

The following acrostic acronym, spelling BAPTIST, summarizes Baptists' distinguishing beliefs:
  • Biblical authority (Matt 24:35; 1Pet 1:23; 2Tim 3:16–3:17)
  • Autonomy of the local church (Matt 18:15–18:17; 1Cor 6:1–6:3)
  • Priesthood of all believers (1Pet 2:5–2:9; 1Tim 2:5)

What do Baptists believe differently? ›

Baptism of believers by full immersion

This is perhaps the most obvious difference between Baptists and other denominations. Baptists reject infant baptism, thinking instead that baptism is for believers only - those who can personally declare Jesus as Lord.

What is the oldest church in Antioch? ›

The Church of Saint Peter (Classical Syriac: Knisset Mar Semaan Kefa; Turkish: Senpiyer Kilisesi; St. Peter's Cave Church, Cave-Church of St. Peter) near Antakya (Antioch), Turkey, is composed of a cave carved into the mountainside on Mount Starius with a depth of 13 m (42 ft.), a width of 9.5 m (31 ft.)

What does the name Antioch mean? ›

Origin:Italian. Meaning:stubborn or resistant. Antioch as a boy's name is of Italian origin meaning "stubborn or resistant".

What is the first church in the Bible? ›

The body of Christ is held together by the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:1-11). When the Holy Spirit visited those 120 disciples at Pentecost, they became the body of Christ—the very first Church.

Is the Antioch church a Catholic church? ›

The Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch (CACA) is an independent Catholic jurisdiction in the United States, established in 1958 by Herman Adrian Spruit.

What is biblical Antioch called today? ›

Once host to such famous visitors as Constantine the Great, Trajan, Julius Caesar, John Chrysostom, and Diocletian, Antioch was the capital of Ancient Syria and the leading city of the Roman East in the area now known as southern Turkey.

Is the church of Antioch Orthodox? ›

Today it is one of the autocephalous Orthodox churches. In English translations of official documents, the Church of Antioch refers to itself as the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East.

Was Antioch the center of Christianity? ›

Antioch was also one of the earliest centres of Christianity; it was there that the followers of Christ were first called Christians, and the city was the headquarters of the missionary St. Paul about 47–55 ce.

Where is Antioch in Acts 11? ›

The church in Antioch (11:19–26)

Acts 8:4) to wide regions (Phoenicia, Cyprus) and then focuses to the development in Antioch in Syria (c. 300 miles (480 km) north of Jerusalem).

What nationality is Antiochian? ›

Antiochian Greek Christians (also known as Antiochian Rūm) are an Arab Christian ethnoreligious Eastern Christian group residing in the Levant region.

What is the Antiochian tradition? ›

The Antiochian Rite, or the Antiochian Rite family, consists of Apostolic Liturgies including the Liturgy of St. James in Greek, the Syriac Liturgy of St. James, and the other West Syriac Anaphoras. The line may be further continued to the Byzantine Rite (the older Liturgy of St. Basil and the later one of St.

Was Antioch a pagan city? ›

In Antioch, the pagan temples were closed by the year 400. All the same, the myths and motifs of paganism retained their hold for centuries on both Christians and Jews, in their worship and in their homes.

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