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Any man who gets married to your daughter is your son in law. He then becomes one of the most important persons in your life just as your daughter is.

Of course, It’s good to establish and continue an effective relationship with him. And one way to do that is by consistently sending him nice messages.

So, when you need beautiful things to say to a son in law, either randomly or on his birthday, any of these well-structured things to say to a son in law will leave him grinning from ear to ear.

Keeping your relationship cordial with him is very vital to help him keep your daughter in good shape. Either encouragement, appreciation or just saying ‘Hi’ will undoubtedly strengthen the bond of union between you, as a mother or father in law and your son in-law.


  1. Lovely Things To Say To A Son in Law To Make Him Smile
  2. Thank You For Loving My Daughter Quotes
  3. Short Messages / Letter To Son In Law From Mother In Law / Father in law

Lovely Things To Say To A Son in Law To Make Him Smile

1. You’re treated just as we do to our daughter. We treat you no different in any way, we consider you as our own. We celebrate you as the king that you are. Happy birthday, dear son.

2. You are kind as well as humble. Humility is your second name. Your warm welcome makes us always want to visit your home. This is why we cannot but celebrate you each time an opportunity is presented. Do enjoy a fabulous day!

3. Your boldness when it comes to adventures makes us feel secure that our daughter will never suffer under your watch. You’ve been very diligent which guarantees the future of our daughter. Keep being courageous.

4. We must sincerely let you know that we love the way you treasure and respect us. This has always made us want to visit you as often. May you also be honored and promoted in life’s endeavors. Good morning, dear son in-law.

5. Dear son, we won’t be able to pick a perfect husband for our daughter than you. You exemplify perfection and maturity. Keep it up, we love you. Enjoy the best of the day.

6. When we first met you, we knew only you could be a good husband for our daughter. Your sense of care towards our daughter gladdens our hearts and it has proven to us that you are genuine and authentic. Keep being the great son that you are.

7. Everything we’ve seen you do, has always proven to us that you truly love our daughter. You’re very real and genuine. Greatness lies ahead of you, and you shall not miss it as you take steps towards it.

8. You’ve been trusted with a beautiful daughter like ours, and you have made her more beautiful. Indeed, you’re a gardener and cultivator. God is very excited about you and so we are. We encourage you to keep up the good work. Have a fun-filled day

9. We truly cannot compensate for your kindness towards us since the journey of your relationship began with our daughter. You have been very wonderful and amazing in your dealings. Your joy is our priority. Your joy shall not cease. Happy birthday!

10. If we have an opportunity to give out the hand of our daughter in marriage, we will choose you to be husband several times. You’re the very best among the best and we are glad our daughter has you.

11. Obviously, we’re not your birth parents but we are now your parents by the reason of our partnership with you. We are proud of you. We treasure you forever.

12. You’re worth any gift I might have sent to you for your birthday. Expect more from me dear son in law.

13. Your performance has been worthwhile and exceptional. Something of this magnitude wasn’t expected from you. Your place in our hearts cannot be occupied by someone else. Thank you, son!

14. It’s a fortunate thing and worthy of recommendation that you’re our son in law. We’re proud of you and forever we’ll be. Happy birthday!

15. How in this world could our family have been complete without your presence. You’ve been here to fill up a major space that without you is vacant. You’re preferred and treasured. Thank you for being a great son in law.

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Thank You For Loving My Daughter Quotes

When you have a son in law who truly appreciates your daughter, saying thank you should be the way you encourage him to keep doing so. Thank you for loving my daughter quotes will induce your son in law for better performance.

Your son in law deserves much thanks and gratitude. Saying thank you to my son-in-law should never be forgotten. This keeps your son in law going forward in the direction of the right attitude towards your daughter.

And of course, you’ll agree with me that appreciation and words of encouragement are one of the things to say to a son in law, either randomly or on his special day.

1. it’s my pleasure to wish you an amazing happy birthday. Words will fail to express how grateful I am for giving our daughter’s hands to you in marriage. You said you’re the right man and you’ve proven so indeed. I’m saying thank you for keeping to your word.

2. Truly you’re a wonderful son-in-law. From the depth of my heart, I want to thank you for being an exceptional husband to our daughter and a great father to our grandchildren. Your exemplary life has been worthwhile. Thank you dear son for the quality of your personality.

3. You’re a divine package filled with wonderful things. Not only that you’re a good husband, but we have also found a wonderful in-law and friend in you. You’re the true definition of what an in-law should be.

4. Your awesomeness is the most wonderful one I have ever seen dear son-in-law, letting you marry our daughter was the best decision we’ve ever made. You’re simply the best, you can only get better.

5. Happy birthday to you dear son-in-law. If we didn’t think you are the best, we could have considered giving our daughter to someone else. Indeed you’re a great man. Our friendship with you shall continue till the end of life. Much thanks, son

6. Dear son-in-law of my heart, thank you so much for all your efforts to bring the best out of our darling daughter. May the best of life also come to you in every way and form. Your children shall also find peace and favor in their homes as they grow up.

7. If I call you the world’s best son-in-law, you are indeed deserving of it. You’re truly the world’s best. May you also experience the best side of life and continue to be the best just as you are. Thank you and happy birthday to you.

8. Your birthday is an avenue for us to be reminded and be grateful for the womb that brought you into this world where you’ve been living a significant life especially by being an amazing husband to our daughter. Thank you, son, happy birthday to you

9. You’re more than a son-in-law, but also a wonderful husband, father, and friend to our family. Your combination of virtue is rare. So proud to have you as part of us in this great family.

10. You met our family as very great. Your presence has made it greater. And we’ve seen signals that greater will it get because of your partnership with our family. Keep up the good works, you are loved and cherished

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Short Messages / Letter To Son In Law From Mother In Law / Father in law

1. You are simply the best thing that has happened to my daughter. Giving her to you is the best thing that has ever happened to her. We’re grateful for the womb that brought you forth. Happy birthday.

2. Our daughter was well raised and taught how to discern situations and people correctly. Bringing you home was a piece of evidence that she learned very well. Time has proven to us that she made the right choice concerning marriage. Good morning, dear son.

3. Whenever I see my grandchildren, it was evident through them that you’ve been a good father. I commend you for being a good father to my grandchildren and the best husband to my daughter. Enjoy your day.

4. We’ve always dreamt of the best for our daughter. And amazingly, she got the very best. Oh, who could that be? That must be you, dear son in law! Thank you so much. Have a blast!

5. Since my daughter was little, she’s been very selective when it comes to making decisions. I didn’t like that disposition until she brought you home and behold her sense of selectivity was correct. You’re the proof.

6. You’re indeed perfect for our daughter in every way. You are the true meaning of compatibility. You’re caring, loving, mature, sensitive, and sensible. You’re so great. Happy birthday!

7. Son in law like you don’t often come along, we have recognized this and that means we’ll keep you with us, we won’t let you go. Nothing in this life shall make us lose you.

8. Thank you, son-in-law. The day you married our daughter was a great day of our lives and one of the most treasured ones. Why? We have had no regrets giving our girl to you so far, and we are very sure there shall be no regret in the journey. Thank you for loving my daughter.

9. We wouldn’t be grateful enough if we don’t set aside a special day for your celebration. Celebrating you has always been a privilege we have always looked for. Grateful are we and we say happy birthday to you.

10. The most beautiful gift we could ever give to you as a birthday gift is our daughter which you have at your disposal.No one will ever be as fitting and suitable for our daughter as you. This statement is made to express our profound gratitude to you for being a great husband in every way. Thank you.

If you ask me, I would say that, as a good mother/ father in law, sending beautiful words of encouragement to son in-law is not something that should be done only on his special days, but also on any other day.

With this collection of sweet and inspiring things to say to a son in law, you’ll keep him feeling special and happy always.


What are some inspirational words for a son-in-law? ›

-You are strong enough to achieve every goal of yours. Strongly keep hope in your heart at all times. -I know my son-in-law has all the potential to touch the sky with his hard work and determination. -I have a strong faith in you that you'll become more successful in the coming years.

What is a quote for son-in-law appreciation? ›

“You have always lent a hand to our family in tough times. It is honestly a privilege to have you as my son-in-law. And my thankfulness will not be adequate for being such a friendly, loving, and helpful individual.”

What is the welcome message for son-in-law? ›

What to share in your letter to your new Son-In-Law:
  • Tell him how much you love him already.
  • Share your confidence in his ability to make your daughter happy.
  • Your confidence that God brought them together.
  • He will be the rock your daughter can turn to.

What is a good son-in-law? ›

Be Good to Their Daughter

But the simplest thing you can do to be a great son-in-law is to be a great husband and father. Above all else, most in-laws want to know that their child is happy and healthy and growing in a marriage. So, when you're around them, be sure to demonstrate how strong your relationship is.

What are special words for son in law birthday? ›

Happy Birthday to my dear son-in-law! You have a heart of gold, and your kindness and generosity touch everyone around you. I am grateful for the way you have enriched our family. May your birthday be a celebration of the person you are, and may your future be filled with love, happiness, and success.

What do you write in a card for your son in law? ›

Happy Birthday Son-in-Law, I hope you know that you are such a wonderful person, and I couldn't be more grateful to your parents for bringing you to this world. Dear Son-in-Law, I don't think you know how happy you make my daughter. Thank you for taking care of her all these years and being there for her.

What is a special prayer for my son in law? ›

Short Prayer For Son In Law

I pray that You guide and direct him in all his ways. Give him the wisdom to handle any challenges that he might be facing. May his relationship with my daughter be one of love and unity. Bless the work of his hands and help him to be a good leader in the home.

What are some good appreciation quotes? ›

Appreciation quotes
  • “Everyone wants to be appreciated, so if you appreciate someone, don't keep it a secret.” — ...
  • “Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude!” — ...
  • “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” —
Feb 15, 2023

What is a meaningful mother in law quotes? ›

Inspiring mother-in-law quotes
  • “The mother-in-law is the centre of a family.” – Les Dawson.
  • “A mother-in-law's praise says more in a woman's favour than anything else in the world.” – Caroline Pafford Miller.
  • “Behind every successful person, stands a very successful mother-in-law.” – Lou Holtz.
Oct 14, 2021

What are sweet messages for sons? ›

Sincere Love Message Examples
  • My dear boy, just stay happy and healthy. ...
  • I can't thank God enough for giving you to me. ...
  • From the very moment you opened your eyes, I knew we'd be best friends. ...
  • My son, you're the reason I know what it's like to love. ...
  • I believe in you, my son.

How do I respect my son-in-law? ›

Your Son-in-Law Survival Guide
  1. Welcome your son-in-law with open arms. That sounds obvious, but many parents resist a wholehearted embrace. ...
  2. Respect your daughter's boundaries. ...
  3. Leave your daughter in charge of trying to change him. ...
  4. Don't compete for your daughter's attention. ...
  5. Spend time together.
Mar 8, 2014

How do you welcome your future son-in-law? ›

Start with a direct statement of welcome. Provide information about yourself and the family that will help the reader become better acquainted. Offer any help or assistance the newlyweds might need that you are willing and able to give. Express anticipation of a good relationship in the future.

What is a good mother-in-law character? ›

Perhaps, one of the most important traits a mother-in-law needs to display is respectfulness. Being respectful of the couple's time and relationship builds a sense of trust. It also communicates that you value and prioritize their needs as a family unit and are willing to respect their boundaries.

How can I be a good mother-in-law to my son-in-law? ›

How to Be a Great Mother-in-Law
  1. Recognize that your role in your child's life has been downgraded.
  2. Sound happy and positive when talking to or about your new daughter- or son-in-law.
  3. Remember important details from their life.
  4. But don't be nosy.
  5. Play fair.
  6. Avoid choosing sides.
  7. Keep your opinions to yourself.
Oct 30, 2018

What is the mother of my son-in-law called? ›


A mother-in-law is the mother of a person's spouse. Two women who are mothers-in-law to each other's children may be called co-mothers-in-law, or, if there are grandchildren, co-grandmothers.

What are some loving words for my grown son? ›

Quotes About Loving a Grown Child
  • You are the best thing I've done with my life.
  • Even though my lap is too small, my heart will always have enough room for you.
  • I know you're grown now, but my heart doesn't realize that.

What is a positive quote for sons? ›

Sons are the light of their mother's life. She would not be half the woman she is if her sons had not guided her. Compassion and mercy are always an option. The hardest thing you'll ever do is learn that you can't always protect your family, but as my son, I know you'll never give up trying.

How do I write an encouraging letter to my son? ›

In writing this type of letter, remember to:
  1. Focus on what they can do, not what they can not do.
  2. Tell your child that hard work is something to be proud of.
  3. Encourage them to not give up on their learning.
  4. Offer your support.
Apr 26, 2021

How can I be a good mother in law to my son-in-law? ›

How to Be a Great Mother-in-Law
  1. Recognize that your role in your child's life has been downgraded.
  2. Sound happy and positive when talking to or about your new daughter- or son-in-law.
  3. Remember important details from their life.
  4. But don't be nosy.
  5. Play fair.
  6. Avoid choosing sides.
  7. Keep your opinions to yourself.
Oct 30, 2018

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