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Baby showers are a way for friends and family to “shower” the mom-to-be with gifts and baby things before the arrival of her bundle of joy. While it’s common to give practical gifts like baby soap and diapers, it’s also popular to give baby keepsakes and other mementos for this special occasion. One of these types of gifts is a baby shower book.

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A baby shower book is a children’s book gifted to the parents-to-be at the baby shower. While this can be gifted alone, it’s all the more special when paired with a meaningful message. Wishing well to both parent and child makes this a cherished family heirloom.

Not sure what to write? Here are 25+ meaningful messages that are perfect for a baby shower book.

Baby Shower Book Messages From Grandparents

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Books are even more special when they’re gifted by someone you love. When grandparents give a baby shower book, they also pass along a world of wisdom from veteran parents. Whether their message is to the new child or the new parents, this is something worth celebrating.

1. Such a lucky baby for such lucky parents! We love you always!

A baby really is a blessing, and why not wish this luck on both parents and child? For grandparents who can’t wait for the arrival of the little one, this is a cute message.

2. A new baby is a new life. A new life is a new beginning.

For grandparents who know the importance of a little bit of wisdom, remind the soon-to-be parents that this is an exciting new chapter full of possibilities.

3. These will be the most magical and memorable moments you’ve ever had! Enjoy every minute.

This simple reminder of the magic ahead gets new parents ready for parenthood. Having a message like this on the back of a favorite children’s book is an important way to focus on the small moments.

4. Welcome to endless love!

New children are endless love. They love unconditionally, and that’s a special feeling. Grandparents can introduce this feeling with a kind message in a baby shower book.

5. We’ll always be here for you no matter what!

It might feel lonely being a new parent. With so many changes, how do you remember what matters most? This reminder from grandparents lets the new parents know someone’s thinking of them.

If you're looking for a quote instead, read our guide on quotes about babies.

Baby Shower Book Messages From Aunts or Uncles

Aunts and uncles have a special place in a new child’s life. They’re always there for a fun time, and to take the kiddo off the parent’s hands for a little while. Here are the perfect baby shower messages from aunts and uncles.

6. Remind me to tell you about your mom when you’re older!

This funny message hints at beloved family stories. Sharing these stories with the next generation is what keeps families strong and together.

7. Here’s to ice cream dates and movie nights!

For the fun aunt or uncle that’s always around for ice cream and movie nights, this message is an important promise to the future.

8. A story a day means you’ll go on a lifetime of adventures!

How does the saying go? An apple a day keeps the doctor away? How about a story a day? Who knows the places you’ll go with your imagination?

9. Enjoy this book before bed, and for all of the amazing years ahead.

A nighttime storybook does more than send a little one off to sleep. It also sparks joy and love in a child’s heart, so wish them the best with this message.

10. May your life be filled with the most beautiful of stories and the best memories.

Your baby shower book message can encourage a little one to lead an inspiring, memorable life by letting them know just how many good things are in store for them.

Baby Shower Book Messages From Cousins

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Cousins are friends for life, so start things off on the right foot with a baby shower book message that inspires. These messages are short, sweet, and focus on a lifetime of friendship!

11. I can’t wait to play with you!

Cousins are some of our first playmates. Let your new cousin know you’re ready for your new playtime buddy with this short message.

12. Here’s to happy days ahead!

Cousins bring out the best in each other, so welcome all the excitement, joy, and happiness in your shared future.

13. Books are the best imaginations come to life.

For an older cousin who’s experienced a few of life’s joys, leaving an inspiring message like this is a wonderful keepsake. It’s a great way to share something special with a little one.

14. This is one of my favorites! I hope you love it just as much as I did. Love always!

Passing on a cherished book to a new cousin is a great way to strengthen bonds between families. Once a family member outgrows a book, giving it to someone younger is a kind gesture.

15. Dear cousin, I can’t wait for all the fun we’re going to have. We’re going to be the best of friends!

Being excited about a new cousin’s arrival is one of the many joys of life. Share this enthusiasm with this type of hopeful message about the future.

Baby Shower Book Messages From Siblings

Siblings have some of the strongest bonds of anyone. These baby shower books act as a time capsule, highlighting this specific moment in time before the arrival of a new baby. Siblings can share their kind words for the new little one with these message ideas.

16. I can’t wait to share my love of reading with you!

When siblings grow up together, they share many things. From toys to favorite activities, sharing a love for reading might just be the best way to grow closer.

17. I can’t promise we’ll always get along, but I can promise we’ll always have fun!

As kids age, siblings can get into small disagreements along the way. This is a natural part of growing up, but it doesn’t mean forgetting all the fun times. Prepare for the days ahead with this humorous message to a new baby.

18. It’s time to find out who really is mom and dad’s favorite!

This funny book inscription pokes fun at the rivalry between siblings. Even if they might tease each other from time to time, they always have each other’s backs.

19. I’ll always be there for you, whether you need a reading buddy or a shoulder to cry on.

The sibling bond starts early in life. This type of message in a baby shower book is a heartfelt reminder of the strength between siblings that will only grow over time.

20. I can’t wait to meet you, baby brother/sister. We have a lot of trouble to get into together!

There are so many ways kids get into mischief. Why not put it into words as well to create a pact for trouble from birth?

Baby Shower Book Messages From Family Friends

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Family friends can also leave inspiring messages for the new baby and new parents. Using the baby shower book as a card is one of the latest trends, so write one of these inscriptions to bring a smile to their face.

21. This time you spend with your child and a book will last forever. Cherish it!

It really is the small things that matter, not the big things. Getting cozy with your little one and reading a nighttime story is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Remind the new parents to value these small moments!

22. It’s a simple formula. A book, love, and a lot of cuddling.

It really is that simple! If you have these three things, anything is possible, no matter how many obstacles are in the way.

23. You’ll always have a special story to tell.

Everyone is the author of their own story. By creating a love for reading early on, the little one will always have an exciting story to tell.

24. The best years of your life are about to begin!

This inscription is both for the little one and the parents. Those first years of childhood really are a magical time, and those first years with a new baby are truly spectacular.

25. Everything is changing for the better. Best wishes!

A new baby is a big change but a good one. Remind the new parents that this new chapter of their life is one to welcome with open arms, no matter the challenges it brings.

Write the Perfect Message in a Baby Shower Book

Finding the right words to say for some of life’s biggest moments is sometimes challenging. No matter your relationship with the soon-to-be parents and the new baby, keep these ideas above in mind. It’s never too early to give a gift both the parents and the child will remember forever.

While a card is always nice, a book is a memory. For children, books introduce them to a world of literature, wonder, and imagination. Writing your meaningful message inside a beloved book ensures this legacy lasts a lifetime.

Post-planning tip:If you are the executor for a deceased loved one, you will likely be receiving many similar messages of support and encouragement. But handling the emotional and physical aspects of their unfinished business can be overwhelming without a way to organize your process. We have a post-loss checklistthat will help you ensure that your loved one's family, estate, and other affairs are taken care of.

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