17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (2023)

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (1)

Are you looking for more motivation in life? Do you want to do better and succeed in your goals? Then you should explore some of the best YouTube channels that specialize in motivational videos and speeches. From study motivation to success, from morning motivation to inspirational videos, there is something for everyone. In this article, we will dive deeper into what makes these channels stand out and give you our picks for the best YouTube channels for motivation. Keep reading to find the motivation you are looking for and get inspired to shine!

Motivational: Top Youtube Channels

Etip Motivation

Channel Views: ~113m Channel Subscribers: ~794k Channel Videos: ~495

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (2)

Etip Motivation is a YouTube channel that offers motivational and inspirational videos to help you stay motivated. Their videos include best motivational video, motivational speeches, morning motivation, law of attraction, study motivation and more. There are both English and Hindi language content available to help viewers stay motivated and reach their goals.


Channel Views: ~364m Channel Subscribers: ~2.8m Channel Videos: ~415

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (3)

Motiversity is a YouTube channel featuring a variety of motivational videos, speeches, and quotes from inspirational speakers. They create inspiring videos and audio recordings designed to inspire and motivate people to live their best lives. With Motiversity, you can get the boost of motivation you need to stay committed to your goals.


Channel Views: ~286.5m Channel Subscribers: ~2.9m Channel Videos: ~224

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (4)

MotivationHub is a YouTube channel focused on providing engaging and inspiring videos to motivate people of all ages. It includes content such as motivational speeches, educational information, and guidance to help students, professionals, athletes, and kids alike achieve success in life, school, work, and fitness. It is a great source of encouragement and guidance for anyone looking to achieve their goals.

Motivation Madness

Channel Views: ~274.5m Channel Subscribers: ~3.2m Channel Videos: ~213

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17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (5)

Motivation Madness is a YouTube channel dedicated to inspiring and uplifting viewers. It offers a variety of motivational videos, including best motivational videos, motivational speeches, student and study motivation, workout motivation, and video interviews with Tony Robbins. It offers its viewers the best and latest motivational videos of 2017.

Motivation QuoteShala

Channel Views: ~542.3m Channel Subscribers: ~1.7m Channel Videos: ~327

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (6)

Motivation QuoteShala is a YouTube channel offering informative, motivational content in Hindi. It features motivational quotes, status updates, shorts, and study & exam motivation from their expert team, Quote Wale Bhaiya. This channel provides helpful resources and encourages viewers through their journey of positivity and growth.

Chispa Motivation

Channel Views: ~123.7m Channel Subscribers: ~707k Channel Videos: ~241

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (7)

Chispa Motivation is a YouTube channel that provides motivational and self development advice for success. They create motivational videos and share inspiring stories to help educate and motivate viewers to reach their full potential. They cover topics such as business, sports, and general personal development.


Channel Views: ~266.2m Channel Subscribers: ~3.8m Channel Videos: ~294

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (8)

Motivation2Study is a YouTube channel providing entertaining and inspiring motivational videos, speeches and content tailored to help create and sustain motivation for studying in 2017 and beyond. With a wide range of motivational topics, including motivation for success, the channel strives to help viewers cultivate dedication and make studying enjoyable.


Channel Views: ~19.1m Channel Subscribers: ~168k Channel Videos: ~256

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (9)

MotivationalToday is a YouTube channel focused on providing inspirational, motivational videos, motivational speeches, Christian inspiration, Christian motivation, Christian encouragement and Above inspiration to help start the New Year off with God. It provides viewers with a unique and uplifting way to start the New Year on the right foot with God. Its content is perfect for anyone looking for spiritual motivation and guidance on how to make the most of the upcoming year.

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Channel Views: ~171.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~1.5k

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (10)

The etthehiphoppreacher YouTube channel features motivational videos created by Eric Thomas, who is considered the world's premier motivational speaker. On his channel, he discusses his secrets to success, his inspirational motto As Bad As You Want To Breathe, and other motivation for success. Eric Thomas is a worldwide phenomenon, with his videos viewed by millions.

Eddie Pinero

Channel Views: ~79.5m Channel Subscribers: ~451k Channel Videos: ~723

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (11)

Eddie Pinero's YouTube channel shares motivational videos, motivational speeches, and running motivation to help you to Live Inspired and build Your World Within. With inspirational running music and morning motivation, this is the perfect destination for anyone seeking positivity and motivation.

Team Fearless

Channel Views: ~392.9m Channel Subscribers: ~4m Channel Videos: ~507

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (12)

Team Fearless is a YouTube channel that inspires and motivates viewers in different aspects of life. Through motivational speeches, videos, and entrepreneur motivation, Team Fearless encourages viewers to be fearless and push towards achieving their goals. It also provides useful gym motivation and inspirational content that help people reach their goals.

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The Business Gyaan

Channel Views: ~53.8m Channel Subscribers: ~500k Channel Videos: ~504

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (13)

The Business Gyaan YouTube channel is an inspiring and motivational platform, helmed by business mogul Gyanvatsal Swami, who goes by the moniker 'The Business Mafia'. His diverse range of motivational speeches in Hindi offer relevant and practical tips for success in the business arena. Tune in for the perfect blend of knowledge and motivation from the Business Gyaan!

Ben Lionel Scott

Channel Views: ~347.5m Channel Subscribers: ~2.6m Channel Videos: ~314

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (14)

Ben Lionel Scott's YouTube channel includes motivational speeches and videos to help viewers to reach their goals and dreams. From his own life-changing experiences, Ben provides valuable advice and insight to inspire and motivate individuals with his inspirational words. He covers topics such as self-improvement, goal-setting, overcoming obstacles, taking action, and much more. All of Ben's videos and speeches are honest and uplifting, encouraging everyone to stay motivated and reach success.


Channel Views: ~306.4m Channel Subscribers: ~2.5m Channel Videos: ~297

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (15)

Above Inspiration is a YouTube channel that features motivational and Christian-focused inspiration for viewers. With engaging motivational videos, Christian encouragement, motivational speeches, inspirational videos, and Christian motivation, viewers will feel inspired and encouraged to further their relationship with Jesus and draw strength from God's inspiration. Through the channel, viewers can benefit from words of encouragement from a motivational speaker and delight in the life-changing inspiration of Jesus.


Channel Views: ~181.5m Channel Subscribers: ~2.6m Channel Videos: ~367

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (16)

CoolMitra is a popular YouTube channel that uploads daily motivation and inspiration to viewers. Their videos explore topics such as the law of attraction, inspirational stories and motivational speeches in both English and Hindi. With solely motivational content and video series, it is the best place to get your daily dose of motivation and study motivation. Invest in yourself and find your purpose with the help of CoolMitra?s morning motivation and best motivational videos.

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Words of Wisdom

Channel Views: ~71.8m Channel Subscribers: ~766k Channel Videos: ~212

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (17)

The Words of Wisdom YouTube channel offers viewers motivational and inspiring stories and quotes from Gautam Buddha. They have a selection of new stories and motivational sayings from the buddha that are sure to spark motivation and inspiration. For those seeking some guidance and insight, this YouTube channel provides a wholesome source for wisdom and buddha quotes!

Mr. Shiv The Education

Channel Views: ~28.6m Channel Subscribers: ~250k Channel Videos: ~223

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (18)

Mr Shiv The Education YouTube Channel is a motivational hub to help students reach their true potential. The channel is presented by Mr Shiv, an experienced educational counselor and motivator dedicated to inspiring students to grow and reach their goals. Content includes self-help topics, tips and strategies, success stories, and inspiring talks and videos. With Mr Shiv The Education, you can find the motivation to take yourself to new heights.

5 Simple Habits for Boosting Your Motivation Levels Daily.

Having motivation daily is essential to leading a successful life. It can be hard though to stay motivated throughout your day when facing obstacles and struggles. With mindful effort and dedication, it’s possible to find the motivation you need to stay on track. Here are five simple habits for boosting your motivation levels daily:

  1. Meditate. A calming and intentional practice, meditation can be a powerful tool for reigniting your motivation. Practice guided meditations to declutter your mind and foster mindfulness. Taking a moment to check in with yourself each day will keep your spirits bright and your motivation levels high.
  2. Exercise. Incorporating daily physical activity into your routine is one of the best ways to boost motivation. Exercise releases endorphins which can trigger happy feelings, in turn giving you a spike in motivation. Need a bit more motivation to work out? Try teaming up with a friend and hitting the gym together.
  3. Plan your day. Having a plan in place will help keep your motivation on track. Make a manageable to-do list that focuses on achievable goals. This will give you a sense of accomplishment throughout the day and help you stay motivated.
  4. Set work goals. Identify the goals you want to achieve and make a plan on how to achieve them. Tracking your progress on a daily basis will help keep you motivated and encourage you to keep going. Establishing these goals each day can be a great way to stay on track.
  5. Envision success. Visualize yourself as an accomplished and motivated individual. This will empower you to take action and remain motivated throughout the day. Aim to set realistic expectations and never give up striving for success.

Motivation is essential for leading a successful life. With dedication and practice, it’s possible to maintain your motivation levels through the day. Try incorporating these simple habits into your daily routine to ensure that you continue to stay on track. Remember to stay determined and never give up striving for success!

How Social Pressure Extends Motivation

The power of influence is a phenomenon that we have all experienced in our lives. We have all been driven by social pressure or have felt pressure from our peers, friends and family when it comes to the decisions we make. It is the ability to, to some degree, manipulate another person’s behavior or thoughts through the use of persuasion or attitude. Social influence has the power to extend motivation, as it can create a stronger sense of interest and commitment to achieving a goal.

  • People try to influence others through positive reinforcement and encouragement, providing positive feedback and support to foster motivation. By making someone feel as if they are capable of succeeding, they will be more likely to put their best effort into the task and be more inspired to meet their goals. In addition, leadership and mentoring can be used to influence motivation, with the leader motivating the team or individual to success by setting expectations, assigning specific duties, and giving directions.
  • It is important to recognize the power of influence in order to foster and spread motivation around us. Writing an encouraging note, offering words of advice and support, and listening to someone are all small gestures that can have a big impact on someone’s motivation. We have the ability to use this power to our advantage, shaping and manipulating someone to become the best version of themselves and achieving their goals. By using the power of influence, we can promote a positive attitude in those around us and support each other to success.

Overcoming Negative Thinking to Keep Motivated

Negative thinking is one of the biggest challenges of staying motivated and can easily discourage us from making progress towards our goals. It can be difficult to shake off those self-doubts and criticisms and stay focused on our accomplishments. However, with some self-motivation and creativity, it is possible to train our minds to focus on the positive and to keep ourselves motivated.

  • Start by keeping a journal of all your accomplishments, even if they seem small. Not only will this allow you to remember the strides you’ve made, but it will also introduce a sense of pride and fulfillment when you look back on them. Whenever negative thoughts start to creep in, you can refer back to your journal as a source of motivation. Additionally, sometimes it can help to embody a confident attitude and statement out loud, such as “I am capable of achieving my goals and reaching success.” Doing this can actually prompt our brains and bodies to align with the positive thought and become more receptive to new ideas or possibilities.
  • Making your goals tangible will further help motivate yourself and stay positive. Break down big goals into small, achievable goals and envision what success looks like for you. Reward yourself after completing a step or obstacle, like taking a break to watch a movie or indulging in a special treat. Over time, the small successes will add up and start to build confidence in yourself and your abilities. Overall, overcoming negative thinking and staying motivated boils down to cultivating these habits and reminding ourselves of all that we can achieve. It takes effort and dedication, but the rewards in the end will make it all worth it.

The path towards success is not always easy, but when we remind ourselves of our capabilities, reflect on our progress, and take action, we can revive our motivation and stay on the right track to a brighter future.

17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels (19)

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17 Best Motivational Youtube Channels? ›

Dr. Vivek Bindra's YouTube channel is World's No. 1 Most Subscribed YouTube Channel in terms of Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development with 1.6 billion+ viewership.

Who is the greatest motivator of all time? ›

Oprah Winfrey is the world's #1 motivational speaker and one of the leading celebrity keynote speakers. She has been a TV host, actress, producer and philanthropist for over 30 years. Her show The Oprah Winfrey Show was the highest-rated program of its kind in history and she has received more than 50 Emmy Awards.

What is the most motivational speech of all time? ›

Martin Luther King Jr.'s “I Have a Dream” Motivational Speech (1963) Arguably the most famous motivational speech of all time is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s “I Have a Dream” speech in August of 1963.


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