10 richest anime characters of all time (2023)

In anime, what makes a character powerful is their immense strength and arsenal of capabilities. Some are born with supernatural powers while others prove their worth by mastering combat techniques that are arduous. These characters have the ability to make the world kneel before them.

However, there are those for whom money is the answer to everything, and with just one transaction, they can do anything they want. With enormous wealth, these characters can buy a city, a country, or even the entire planet at their will.

10) Metori Saiko - The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

10 richest anime characters of all time (1)

Due to his rich upbringing, Metori is a spoiled brat who likes to show off his wealth and constantly bosses everyone around like he is some kind of royalty. He always carries stacks of money on him wherever he goes. He even brings his personal chef to school during lunch and is surrounded by bodyguards most of the time.

Metori has never seen his father’s face because of the amount of gold he wears - it hides his face behind a blinding light that nobody can see through. However, Metori later came to realize the true value of friendship and started treating them like humans.

9) L – Death Note

10 richest anime characters of all time (2)

L is the heroic main antagonist of the anime Death Note. Everyone knows L as the weird, intelligent individual who is a brilliant secret detective. However, the other power besides his brilliance was the money he had in his possession. Despite L’s appearance and the get-up that made him look like he lived a rough life, he was insanely rich.

As part of the investigation, he moved from hotel to hotel, which wasn’t cheap, and he even built a place in less than two weeks and told Detective Yagami that it cost him 20 million. The reason behind his frightening fortune is that the person who adopted L is an industrialist tycoon and the brother of L’s personal assistant to Watari.

8) Yumeko Jabami – Kakegurui

10 richest anime characters of all time (3)

Yumeko is a charismatic and jovial individual who has such an aura that even her enemies eventually become her friends. Unlike others, Yumeko gambles for fun and seeks the thrill out of the game instead of winning. During her gambling match with Mary Saotome, she started off with a million yen and lost the match.

However, she wasn’t disappointed. So, for the next round, she increased the stakes tenfold by reaching into her school bag and dropping stacks of 10 million yen.

7) Gild Tesoro – One Piece: Gold

10 richest anime characters of all time (4)

Gild Tesoro is the main antagonist of the anime One Piece Film: Gold. He is also known as the Casino King and is the owner of Gran Tesoro, the largest entertainment ship in the world.

Tesoro was not wealthy from the start; due to his poor condition, he used to survive by committing petty crimes. After he met a slave girl named Stella, he changed his ways and hoped he could one day buy her freedom.

After Stella died, he became obsessive with money and wanted to become the most powerful person in the world with blinding wealth. His "Tesoro Money" was as high a fortune as 500,000,000,000 belly, enough money to buy a small country. He has the ability to freely manipulate gold with the powers he gained through the Devil Fruit: Goru Goru no Mi.

6) Kaguya Shinomiya – Kaguya-sama: Love is War

10 richest anime characters of all time (5)

As the daughter of the Shinomiya Group’s head, Kaguya is an insanely rich individual. Her father owns a lot of banks and trains, and his company’s worth is estimated to be up to two hundred trillion yen. Kaguya had a very protective childhood, which is why even the basic kinds of stuff are alien to her.

Due to her rich upbringing and the rules and expectations drilled into her by her family, she became cold and pragmatic. Kaguya slowly changed after she joined the student council, and also, being around Miyuki Shirogane made a huge impact on her life.

5) Daisuke Kanbe – The Millionaire Detective: Balance Unlimited

10 richest anime characters of all time (6)

Daisuke is a brilliant detective who often uses unconventional methods to solve his cases as soon as possible. He never lets anything get under his skin as he has mastered the ability to remain calm in the worst situations. In Daisuke’s dictionary, money is the solution for everything, and with this superpower, one would not have to worry about anything in their life.

He is so obscenely rich that he handed out a check of a billion yen to a prince for his car and drove off. Daisuke spends his money in investigations and uses high-tech equipment that even the Metropolitan Police Department can’t afford.

4) Ceil Phatomhive – Black Butler

10 richest anime characters of all time (7)

After the death of his parents, Ciel became the heir of the Phantomhive family and eventually became the owner of the Funtom Corporation. Despite being the youngest, he made a huge fortune, with substantial wealth in his possession.

After becoming the richest, he caught the attention of the queen and became the Queen’s Guard Dog. Ciel is well adept in business and his foresight and strategies help him in expanding the business to greater heights.

3) Mina Tepes – Dance in the Vampire Bund

10 richest anime characters of all time (8)

Despite her child-like appearance, Mina is one of the most powerful vampires with the status of Queen. Mina is so rich that she bought an entire island off the coast of Japan for her vampire kind to live in peace. She paid off Japan’s entire national debt of a whopping $40 trillion.

Her wealth is so immense that she even threatened Japan, saying that if she withdrew her support, their economy would collapse in a blink. Mina lives a luxurious lifestyle and the only place where she’ll run out of wealth would be in the imagination of her enemies.

2) Bulma – Dragon Ball

10 richest anime characters of all time (9)

Initially, Bulma started off as a spoiled rich girl who also used her charms as an excuse for her selfish behavior. Bulma is the heir to her father’s Capsule Corporation which makes a plethora of high-tech equipment, from interstellar spacecraft to gravity machines.

Due to her immense wealth, she doesn’t need to work even for a day. However, she is a brilliant individual who comes up with unique inventions and puts a lot of work into them. With her blinding wealth, she gets a bit carried away and cannot resist buying lavish mansions and giving away huge spacecraft to her friends.

1) Nagi Senzenin – Hayate the Combat Butler

10 richest anime characters of all time (10)

Being the sole survivor of her family, Nagi inherited her family’s overwhelming fortune, and even calling her rich wouldn’t be enough. With a mountain of wealth in her possession, she became spoiled, short-tempered, and anti-social. Nagi hates to lose because of her own principle: that winning is everything.

Nagi’s fortune is so great that she casually threw 20 trillion yen away on a prank. To save Hayate from the Yakuzas, she used her alter ego “Mask of the Money” and paid off the debts. Like most rich people, Nagi believes money can solve anything in this world.

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